Concrete Self Leveler
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Stone Edge Surfaces Level Slope Flat Roof Low Spot Filler is a polymer enhanced Portland cement and other proprietary additive based self-leveling compound that physically and chemically bonds itself to existing roofing material.

Level Slope is designed to permanently fill Low Spots and create positive slope to direct water away from low areas.

Level Slope can also be used to create crickets or positive slope to help direct water towards drains, scuppers and outside edges.

Level Slope is a just-add-water no primer needed, heavy polymerized cementitious mix with high flexural strength that is long lasting, durable, and easy to apply.

Level Slope is for commercial or residential use, and is applied in flat roof low spots as an underlayment to a waterproofing system or as a top coat low spot filler where sand or gravel or other aggregate can be cast into the wet mix to rejection to help:

  • Create more positive slope

  • Color match the existing aggregate for aesthetics.

  • Add protection from the elements.


  • Flat Roof Low Spot Filler

  • Positive Slope Enhancement to direct water towards scuppers


BASE/TOP COAT: Underlayment to a Waterproofing System or Top Coat Roof Low Spot Filler

THICKNESS: Feather thin to 2” average

APPLICATION METHOD: Mix and Pour, add aggregate, use a trowel, magic trowel etc.

WORKING TIME: 20 -25 Minutes depending on Temp.

COLORS: Gray…can be integrally colored

HARDNESS: 5,000 PSI, with Flexural strength allowing slight bend without cracking


Concrete Self Leveler
Concrete Repair Self Leveler
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