Deck Waterproofing Systems


This large Lone Star state is home to well-populated cities as well as many vast fields consisting of a mix of farmland and suburban residential areas. The residents are known for having loads of state pride and therefore enjoy taking care of their homes and diving into home projects any chance they get. Decks are very popular among single-family homes in this area, with the weather usually mild with some hot days during the summers and a few cold days during the winter. However, it can be very unpredictable and present intense ice storms and heavy flooding without warning.

Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

Stone Edge Surfaces has a wide variety of products for waterproofing wood and concrete surfaces, including home decks. Our deck waterproofing systems protect against sun and water damage, so no matter if it is a sunny day or if you are hit with an ice storm your deck is protected. The sealant also gives your deck a beautiful and long lasting finish, which improves and helps maintain the quality of the wood. This system can also be used on stairs and plywood rooftops. 


Our waterproofing systems need to be reapplied every year at least but may need to be done sooner. One sure-fire way of knowing your deck needs to be sealed again is if you notice the old deck materials falling or flaking off.

Why Choose Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems


As the best Texas deck waterproofing products manufacturer, we understand how important home quality is and our products will ensure your deck lasts for decades to come. Reach out today and get started on your next home project. 

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