About Stone Edge Surfaces

Stone Edge Surfaces is a division of Turley International Resources LLC. We own mining, quarries, packaging, and fulfillment operations throughout the U.S.

and New Zealand. Along with our other divisions of Consolidated Aggregates and Wet Edge Technologies, giving a combined offering of over 400 surface coating related products.

Our Facilities

Arizona Corporate Office & Production Facility

New Zealand Quarry & Production Facility

Concrete Manufacturers

Mississippi Production Facility

Mississippi Quarry

Concrete Manufacturers

In 2008 we purchased a 16 year old concrete overlay company, Flex-C-Ment, and operated the division under that name until 2016. Since we purchased the Flex-C-Ment system we’ve spent millions of dollars enhancing, testing, and improving every formulation, additive, and the aggregates we use. To further support our efforts, we’ve been buying and licensing quarries, and upgrading our packaging and processing facilities.

Our scientifically enhanced formulations have proven to be more consistent and easier to use while looking more realistic. It’s also stronger, lasts longer, and resists cracking from stress and freeze/thaw better than anything on the market. Having complete control of each component from mining through production makes this possible.

In fact, our current products are so superior to the competition and the old formulations we originally bought; we felt it an injustice to package and promote such high grade products using old branding that no longer reflects the quality of our products or the professionalism of our distributors. So in 2016 we re-branded everything to our new and current name… Stone Edge Surfaces.

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