FAQ'S for Stone Edge Surfaces

What is Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay?

Concrete Overlay…also known as Decorative Concrete and Customizable Concrete Veneer, is a polymer modified concrete mix designed to give all the benefits of concrete with added benefits of open time, flexural strength, workability, user-friendliness and the ability to stick to almost any substrate both vertically and horizontally so the concrete overlay can be stamped, carved, troweled, and even to create a broomed finish. A Concrete Overlay gives excellent protective strength and durability, while adding a decorative or enhanced look to almost any new or existing substrate, while mimicking the realistic look of stone, tile, brick, slate, wood, stucco, spray deck, broom finished and many other looks.

How many products does Stone Edge Surfaces Offer?

Stone Edge Surfaces offers many different product lines for many various applications. Stone Edge Surfaces commercial line has offerings from high quality self-levelers (Swiftset, Polishable, and Colorset), refurbishment materials both fast setting and normal cure (CPR-Concrete Patch & Repair, Pro Bond Ultra, & Level Slope) , to refinishing overlay material to beautify large areas with broom, trowelled or stamped finishes (Smooth Coat, Pro Bond Ultra, Micro topping, & Stamp mix. Stone Edge Surfaces more decorative lines consist of Horizontal Stamp mix, Vertical Wall mix, Smooth Coat, Micro topping, various colorants (both integral & surface penetrating water based liquid colors), sealers, stamps, and specific tools needed for Stone Edge Surfaces various applications.    

How long has Stone Edge Surfaces been around?

Stone Edge Surfaces, formerly known as Flex-C-Ment, was purchased in 2008.  Flex-C-Ment originated around 1992. From 2008 to 2016 we operated the division as Flex-C-Ment and spent millions of dollars enhancing, testing, and improving every formulation, additive, and the aggregates used in each product. After changing all of the formulas it was such a superior mix than the old Flex-C-Ment formulations, we decided in 2016 to Re-brand all products to the new Stone Edge Surfaces brand. To further support our growth, we’ve been buying and licensing quarries, and upgrading our packaging and processing facilities in both MS and AZ.

Is Flex-C-Ment actually Stone Edge Surfaces?

Yes and No…see “How Long Has Stone Edge Surfaces Been Around?” above.

What is the cost per square foot?
The price depends on several factors, such as the condition of the original substrate, whether it is vertical or horizontal overlay, the patterns chosen, and especially the thickness etc. There is a great article on this with pictures and examples in the Concrete Overlay 101 section….and we also have an APP for that called Job Estimator Pro. You can find the APP on the iPhone or Google Play store or go to www.jobestimatorpro.com and there are links.

What are the startup costs associated with the Stone Edge Surfaces products?

With the tools, stamps, and material needed to install the Stone Edge Surfaces products, the startup cost could come in well under $1,500. If you are looking for a complete business opportunity with complete training, support and much more…let us know and we can steer you in the right direction.

What is the warranty for the Stone Edge Surfaces products?

Full details of our warranty can be found in the “RESOURCES” section of this web site.

What is the Return Policy for Stone Edge Surfaces products?

Return of unused material that is undamaged and in clean, usable and re-saleable condition, is subject to a 15% restocking fee with all freight and product responsibility being on the party who is sending the product back to Stone Edge Surfaces. If product is returned and is damaged or unsaleable upon arriving at Stone Edge Surfaces, no refund will be granted.

Have the Stone Edge Surfaces Products been tested?

From Pump testing of Stone Edge Surfaces Self leveling materials to various strength test required for all Stone Edge Surfaces technical data sheets one can refer to The Stone Edge Surfaces resources page (www.stoneedgesurfaces.com) for full reference of all testing performed on each Strone Edge Surfaces product.  

How long does a Stone Edge Surfaces job take?

Most jobs can be done within 2 to 3 days depending on the size of job, however, there are exceptions especially for commercial jobs and inclement weather conditions.

How durable is Stone Edge Surfaces Concrete Overlay and will it crack?
Stone Edge Surfaces is a very durable and long-lasting Concrete product. Keep in mind…. ALL Concrete eventually Cracks, and occasionally some hairline cracking can occur shortly after installation. This is normal for any concrete product and not just Stone Edge Surfaces products. In most cases depending on how the substrate was built, you will not see any major cracking, and we take all precautions possible to prevent cracking. Hairline cracks typically do not affect the integrity of the concrete and can be filled in and hidden with cementitious crack repair or filler products such as our Stone Edge Surfaces Crack Fill/Accent Enhancer.

Do you have to be certified to install Stone Edge Surfaces products?

We do advise watching all of our training videos on our YouTube channel (Stone Edge Surfaces Channel) and getting trained by one of our distributors or at a Stone Edge Surfaces factory training where we do certify contractors in proper application. However, there is no requirement to be certified to use our products and you can even buy some of them in retail locations. Keep in mind this is Concrete and will be permanent, and bad or untrained application that does not follow the proper steps, cuts corners and does not use all the products needed to make the product adhere to the substrate or trying to adhere to a bad substrate…is not covered under warranty. Our Limited Warranty only covers PRODUCT manufacturers defects…so please, make sure you know what you are doing.

How thick is the Stone Edge Surfaces material applied?

We have many different means of overlays at Stone Edge Surfaces for different applications….so, it depends on the product you are using. For horizontal broom, knockdown and stamp application it is typically applied at 1/8” to 3/8” depending on the method performed, whereas our vertical wall mixes are typically applied at 1/4” to 1” depending on the method performed and the stamping deemed necessary to achieve the desired look. For custom applications you can apply our vertical mixes from 3″ to 6″ deep and some of our horizontal mixes can be used for deeper back fill of up to 2″.

How do you color the Stone Edge Surfaces product?

This question cannot be answered in a paragraph as there are a couple steps that you need to see to make it easy to understand. View our YouTube training video on coloring and you will get all that you need:



How long does the color last?

If sealed and maintained properly the color should last the life of the substrate that it was installed upon.

What types of sealers are typically used?

For coloring you would use Stone Edge Surfaces water based Pro Seal (Matte finish) or Pro Seal Supreme (semi-gloss) or our Pro Seal 2500 high gloss “solvent” based sealer. The Pro Seal 2500 needs ventilation.

What substrates can you apply the Stone Edge Surfaces product to?

You may apply the Stone Edge Surfaces products over concrete, painted or unpainted concrete, drywall, sheet-rock, tile (ceramic or clay), brick, stucco, and other masonry surfaces, Styrofoam, stucco, wood…where some may require extra steps for application like mesh or lathing for proper adhesion. (using proper over wood application methods…see this video: OVER WOOD APPLICATION ), almost any surface can have a concrete overlay over it…except those with oils, tars, etc.

How does the Stone Edge Surfaces product fair in severe freeze/thaw cycles?

The Stone Edge Surfaces products are not affected by severe freeze/ thaw cycles and have been installed in extreme climates all over the US, Canada, Russia and other countries. To date, Stone Edge Surfaces products have been exposed to sustained temperatures for over a week at 30 degrees below zero with wind chill of 65 degrees below zero.

Do Stone Edge Surfaces Products Have an R-Value?

Yes, the R-Value of Stone Edge Surfaces Wall Mix is estimated to be “R-2.1” Per Inch.

How often do you need to reseal the Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay?

Inside you might only need to reseal every 5 to 10 years depending on the amount of traffic. Outside you may need to reseal every 2 to 3 years depending on the traffic and weather elements.

How much prep work is required for Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay?

You need to make sure you have no loose material on the substrate, that the substrate itself is not crumbling, and there is no grease, tar, oils or newer sealers on the concrete to be overlaid, if there are…you may need to use degreasers and pressure wash. Basically, normal concrete prep work is involved when applying Stone Edge Surfaces overlay products. For painted surfaces you would pressure wash only if you had loose flaky material that needed to be removed. If surface areas are dirty, you would pressure wash to remove soiled areas before installing Stone Edge Surfaces products. In some extreme cases a light grinding or sanding for a light profile may be required.

How much does Stone Edge Surfaces product weigh in comparison to real stone or manufactured stone?

Stone Edge Surfaces overlays can weigh approx. 2/3 the weight of standard concrete, the wall overlays can weigh approximately 1/2 the weight of concrete, so “usually” there is no structural reinforcement necessary…but we do not know your specific situation, so always seek professional advice if you are not sure.

Is Stone Edge Surfaces a fireproof material?

Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlays are a noncombustible material which allows you to use them in fireplaces, kitchens, and electrical areas, etc. with no problem.

Can I purchase some Stone Edge Surfaces products to experiment with before training?

Absolutely! Pick some up at any of our Distributors or if there is no distributor close to you, we can ship a sample directly from the factory.

How much will it cost me for the Stone Edge Surfaces product per sqft?

We have an APP for this called Job Estimator Pro. You can find the APP on the iPhone or Google Play store or go to www.jobestimatorpro.com and there are links. The App will help you figure out cost per sqft including labor costs if you need to know that as well. Keep in mind that actual costs vary depending on pattern chosen, depth of application, coloring options, etc. As a point of reference, Stone Edge Surfaces installed cost will almost always be less than the cost of stone veneer, and it’s customizable and fits with 100% contact as well as around all obstructions…stone veneer does not do this.

Do you manufacture concrete stamps and how much do your concrete overlay stamps cost?

Yes, we do manufacture a wide variety of stamps ranging from under $40 to around $975 depending on the size, pattern, and the number of stamps in each set. View our stamp selection in the PRODUCTS section of this web site.

Does Stone Edge Surfaces have carving tools for hand carved concrete overlay?

Stone Edge Surfaces makes a couple of different hand carving tools including 2 joint cutting tools manufactured at our Mississippi factory. These specially designed tools, used by us in every training and in our videos, allow you to carve the Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay at just the right stage leaving you with very realistic looks. We also recommend (but do not make) carbide cutting tools for thinner, hard to get too areas to achieve the same realism and depth and especially for use after the concrete overlay has started to harden significantly.

Does Stone Edge Surfaces hold training classes at their Mississippi factory only?

As far as Factory training…yes. However, we do hold training classes throughout the US at our distributor’s locations. You receive the same training at our factory or our distributors because we use a standard curriculum that we have designed to make sure that all participants are equally educated.

Is Stone Edge Surfaces cooler to walk on than regular concrete?

Because of the way Stone Edge Surfaces uses polymers vs acrylics or concrete with no polymers…Stone Edge Surfaces products can dissipate heat faster, making the surface cooler.

Is Stone Edge Surfaces products waterproof?

What you really want to know is if Stone Edge Surfaces products can withstand getting wet or being submerged in water. No, the products are not waterproof, but they are used in commercial aquariums when creating underwater rock formations, on water features and slides around swimming pools and ponds and are proven to withstand wetness and submersion extremely well. We do have special white cement based concrete overlay mixes we recommend using when doing projects with 100% submersion situations such as pools, ponds, showers, underwater rock formations such as in a penguin cave in a commercial aquarium, waterfalls and grotto’s, etc.

Who can we call at Stone Edge Surfaces with questions or any installation issues we may have?

Call us anytime 844-STONEEDGE (844-786-6333), Gregg Hensley VP/Technical & Training Support (864-316-0129)  or email us at info@stoneedgesurfaces.com and we will get you in touch with the right person who can answer your question.

Who or what is my market for the Stone Edge Surfaces application?

Stone Edge Surfaces suggests that your market may be contractors, builders, masonry installers, developers, homeowners, landscape businesses and designers, new construction, renovation, and building suppliers.

Why should a contractor consider using Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay products?

Other than the fact that there would be minimal start-up cost and the ability to start small and grow at their own pace, they would be able to offer the customer the control of customizing their project unlike anything else out there in the market, while giving them the durability, quality, realism, and quicker delivery time to the customer.

Where do we purchase the Stone Edge Surfaces concrete overlay products?

Please purchase the Stone Edge materials from the closest Stone Edge Surfaces Distributor nearest to your location which will help cut down the freight costs of shipping great distances.

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