Deck Waterproofing systems

Arizona is without a doubt a very unique place to live in with a desert climate in the central and southern portions of the state, and ski resorts and snowy winters in the northern portion. In general, the climate in Arizona involves intensely hot summers and mild winters with very little grass and a lot of brown dirt. With that said, house decks are not usually seen in this area but pool decks are very popular since 20% of residents living in Arizona have backyard pools.

Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

Our team at Stone Edge Surfaces has the materials you need no matter what kind of deck your home or business has with a total of three different deck waterproofing systems, so you can be sure you get the perfect one for your unique project. We have specialized products for a variety of surfaces for indoor and outdoor use, including pool decks. 


There are many benefits to waterproofing your decks, and one of them is UV protection. This is important in areas like Arizona where the sun is beating on the decks all day everyday. Waterproofing will protect your deck against the scorching sun and temperatures while also improving the overall longevity. It can be applied anytime time of year in most areas in Arizona due to the consistent warm weather, and should be reapplied once a year.

Why Choose Stone Edge Waterproofing Systems

Stone Edge Surfaces is one of the leading manufactures in deck waterproofing systems, concrete overlays, and concrete repair products. Our waterproofing systems will ensure your deck looks its finest all year long. Contact us today to find out more about our deck waterproofing products.

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