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Job Estimator Pro is a “Free App” created by Stone Edge Surfaces to help the Deck and Balcony Waterproofing, Self Leveling, Concrete Overlay and Decorative Concrete industry more easily estimate their product needs and profitability…and then generate more accurate bids.

Concrete job estimator

Job Estimator Pro™…The Easy Way to Create Stamped & Decorative Concrete Job Estimates!

Job Estimator Pro™ automatically estimates the material and labor costs and profitability on a Stamped Concrete and Decorative Concrete Overlay projects. It’s so easy to use…just open the app, choose the type of job (vertical or horizontal), total square footage being overlaid, scratch coat (vertical) and overlay mixes you will be using, answer a few labor related questions and if the job is being bid by square foot or as a flat fee. Once your data has been entered, hit enter…and the app will automatically:

Job Estimator Pro will Automatically:

  • Calculate the Material and Labor costs for each bid.
  • Show the Profit and Gross Margin %…in real time…so profitability can quickly be determined and the estimate adjusted if needed.
  • Format and personalize the estimate with customer name, disclaimers, your contact information, and then creates an email to send it.
  • Archive the estimate for later review.
  • Format a complete custom Material List, and drops it into an email for reference, review or ordering.
  • Format a complete custom Product Order for the specific job, referenced by customer name, job number or address, and contractor information. It then drops the product order into an email that can be sent to Stone Edge Surfaces to place the order, or have the closest distributor place the order.
  • Place a call for technical assistance automatically
  • Take you to a Gallery of Projects to show your client
  • Take you to over 30 training videos of Deck and Balcony Waterproofing, Self Leveling, CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair, Concrete Overlays
  • Allows the user to easily create and place a product stocking order and automatically email it to Stone Edge
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