Deck sealing Waterproofing Systems


New York has one of the highest populations in the United States, as a result apartments and condos are very popular in high density cities. It has a mix between urban and rural areas as well as terrain, and the climate is mild except for the consistent wind due to being next to the ocean. There are several landmarks and attractions throughout the state that support a large portion of the economy, and attracts millions of tourists every year. Balconies are very prominent throughout the state since apartments are among the most popular homes for residents. 

Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

Our team manufactures waterproofing systems and products for both wood and concrete decks that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as decks, balconies and patios. With our three options including Standard, Pro, and Custom and our variety of different colors of sealant, architects and contractors can be sure they choose the right one for the type of project they’re working on. After the original application, the waterproofing sealant will need to be applied again after a year.

Just some of the many benefits of waterproofing a deck or balcony, is that it makes it look more aesthetically pleasing while also providing a protective layer against all wear and tear. It’ll even protect the wood or concrete from the weather and wind common in New York. 

Why Choose Stone Edge Waterproofing Systems


When it comes to deck waterproofing, Stone Edge Surfaces provides the best materials to get the job done and is dedicated to protecting all of New York’s balconies all year. Call us today to order your deck waterproofing products. 

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