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In the heavy population of Washington, more than half of the residents live in the city of Seattle. The climate here is unique because it rains all the time no matter the time of year or what season it’s supposed to be. The state is known for its lumbar production and vast forests covering most of the state. Farming is also very popular, so residents get a good mix of rural and urban life living here. 

Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

Our first priority at Stone Edge Surfaces is offering quality deck waterproofing solutions for your deck that are long lasting and reliable. We have multiple systems and various products to choose from, and our water-based deck seal comes in 14 different colors so you can be sure your deck matches your home perfectly. Each system and product comes with a set of instructions and coverage information so you can easily apply it yourself, and no other materials are needed other than adding water to the mixtures. The average work time for a wooden deck is about 15-45 minutes with the dry time being only a few hours. 


A few reasons you should consider deck waterproofing is that it can protect against damage caused by water and prevent the wood from getting soft spots. Decks can be high maintenance, and keeping it waterproofed and sealed helps them to be more durable and need less repairs over the years. Also due to the heavy rainfall in Washington, decks can potentially grow mold and mildew but our systems will make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Why Choose Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems


We leave it up to you whether or not you want to waterproof your deck by yourself or we can connect you with a contractor in your area to install it for you using Stone Edge materials. Just give us a call or email us at Stone Edge Surfaces to get your deck protected.

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