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Pro Bond Ultra
Concrete Pro Bond


Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra is a  commercial grade, heavily polymerized, multi-use, Base Coat and Top Coat extreme bonding Single Component just add water patch, repair, refurbish, and rebuild concrete overlay mix.

Pro Bond Ultra does NOT require Primer.

Pro Bond Ultra is 5,000 psi and is used as a sloping product for decks, roofs, and also ramps, driveways, parking garages and more.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra is non-hydrophobic and is used as the base coat in several Deck and Balcony Waterproofing  systems and can be troweled or pumped.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra is used on Commercial Decks and Roofing as a Top Coat because Pro Bond Ultra can be pumped and sloped as well as take a broom finish.

Pro Bond Ultra can be troweled with and without added sand to create slope.

Pro Bond Ultra is used as a repair concrete to fill, rebuild, repair and smooth spalled and damaged concrete areas before applying an overlay.

Pro Bond Ultra is also used to repair larger “dead” cracks and can be used with fiber lath or mesh in a crack bridge application over “live” cracks.

Pro Bond Ultra can go from feather thin to 3+ inches deep, and can be applied with a loop roller as a scratch coat. Pro Bond Ultra, bonds easily to almost any substrate including concrete, plaster, drywall, styrofoam, brick, block, tile gunite and more.

Pro Bond Ultra is used as a base coat for waterfall, cliff face, and rock formations. If you use Pli-Dek, Multicoat, Westcoat or other waterproof decking systems…you will love Pro Bond Ultra!

50 LB Bag Gray


  • Top Coat mix…can take broom finish and other textures as well as being non-hydrophobic so it will take topical colors.

  • Base Coat repair concrete for filling spalled, chipped, broken and damaged concrete deck, patio, pool deck, walkway, floor, driveway concrete

  • Deep backfill,

  • Base Coat Underlayment for Sloping and rebuilding before applying overlays

  • Pre-Sanded to Create Slope and Crickets on roofs and rooftop decks

  • Deck Waterproofing System Base Coat

  • Waterfall/Water Feature, Boulder, Cliff & Rock Formation base coat

  • ASTM E84 Class A Fire and Smoke certified for roofs or  floors

  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Use


APPLICATION METHOD: 3.5 quarts water: Trowel, Loop Roller. 4 – 4.5 Quarts Water: Pump

WORKING TIME: 1 – 4 Hours…walkable usually in 24 depending on thickness applied


– LWIC foamcrete

– Metal Lath • Fiber Lath/Mesh

– SES Deck Resin & Fiberglass Mat

– Smooth Coat Mix • Stamp Mix

– Cement Board, Gunite


– Plywood & Metal Lath

– Plywood & Fiber Lath

– Concrete

– Adverse Condition & Spalled Concrete

– Existing Deck Waterproofing

COVERAGE: 1/8” over Lath 36 sqft, 1/4”- 24 sqft, 1/2” – 12sqft per 50 LB bag


Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
Pro Bond Ultra
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