SwiftSet Self-Leveler Base Coat Topper
Light Weight Base Coat Layer...foamcrete type product


The Stone Edge Surfaces Low Slope Roofing System is comprised of a Base Coat layer of a FOAMCRETE type  material, and a Base Coat Topper Layer of Stone Edge Surfaces 2,100 PSI Pro Bond.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Base Coat Topper, has been tested, certified and approved by multiple foamcrete material manufacturers to be the Base Coat Topper over their material in commercial low slope roofing applications, where Hot Mop and Bitumen Roofing is then applied over the Pro Bond Base Coat Topper.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond has been tested for adhesion and strength, and has been “independently” pump tested and certified by Strong Manufacturing Co Inc. against all major competitors as a XX out of XX Test is being run on November 18th) for ease of use, pumpability and pumping distance of XXX feet.

Pro Bond has been independently ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke tested and certified with a Class A ratings.

Pro Bond is Class A Rated
Pro Bond is ASTM E84 Class A Certified

A foamcrete type material is typically a single component, just-add-water, Ultra Lightweight Polymer Modified Underlayment designed for deep fill flooring applications, and to reduce the dead load weight by ~65% as compared to traditional concrete underlayment systems.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond is a fast setting (2-4 hours), walkable in (4- 6 hours), “pre-sanded”, single component, just add water, heavily polymerized, non-gypsum, Portland cement and proprietary additive underlayment Base Coat Topper that is troweled smooth to create a strong flat flexible surface to accept roofing materials.

When used together with a foamcrete material Base Coat, Pro Bond and the foamcrete material create a very versatile lightweight concrete low slope roofing system that is as much as 65% less weight per SQFT than standard roofing base coat systems and much easier and more cost effective to install than cement board.


  • Low Slope Commercial Roofing


  • THICKNESS: foamcrete material 1/2″ to 3″ – Pro Bond 1/4″ – 3/8″

  • APPLICATION METHOD: Most common method is Pump, Squeegee, Magic Trowel, Gauge Rake, Trowel

    – Average for a foamcrete material is 10 – 15 minutes
    – Pro Bond: 1 – 2 hours with a 4 – 8 hour average walk time
    in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity.

    – foamcrete material
    – Hot Mop
    – Bitumen

    – Plywood
    – Metal

Pro Bond Applied at 1/4" over 3" of Foamcrete Material...strength test.



a Foamcrete product Lightweight Concrete Base Coat Topped with Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Base Coat Topper. Hot Mop and Bitumen roofing would then be applied over the Pro Bond.
Pre Foamcrete install
A foamcrete base coat being applied at 3" deep
Pro Bond Being Pumped
Pro Bond being Pumped

Pro Bond is Certified to Work With the Following Foamcrete Manufacturers:

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