Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond is a multi-use single component, just add water Base Coat & Bonding mix used in the Deck & Balcony Waterproofing, Concrete Overlay, Concrete Repair and Refurbishment and the Decorative Concrete Industries. Pro Bond can be used as a Bond Coat and Scratch coat mix, a Deep Fill base coat, concrete repair or refurbishment, and Pro Bond is the industry proven Base Coat layer for the Stone Edge Surfaces Deck & Balcony Waterproofing System. Pro Bond also works underwater in swimming pools and commercial aquariums as a base coat. Pro Bond is used in the concrete overlay, decorative concrete and swimming pool industry. When applying as a Vertical Primer/Scratch Coat use a “Heavy LOOP Roller” to get the raised nodules and ridges needed for a great scratch coat layer. Or you can apply horizontally using a NAP roller or trowel as a Base Coat, bond coat or as a concrete resurfacing repair coat to go over spalled concrete, with no primer required (you do need primer when you put a top coat over the Pro Bond once the Pro Bond has dried).  Thanks to the proven strength of the heavy polymer load, Portland cement and proprietary ingredients, Pro Bond permanently adheres to concrete, drywall, Styrofoam, brick, block, tile, vinyl floor, old glue and so much more.

Pro Bond is also used in the swimming pool industry as a “scratch Coat” when refurbishing a swimming pool. In a Swimming Pool Application (applied as the Scratch Coat and Bonding Agent to Cover old pool plaster before Applying New pool Plaster), If you use PermaKote or Multicoat Scratch Kote, you’ll LOVE Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond’s ability to create an incredibly strong physical and chemical bond between the substrate and the pool plaster or gunite. Proper preparation is a must, but with Pro Bond’s intense bonding ability, even adverse condition substrates are no problem, and usually require less sand-blasting, stripping and prep work.

Average 75 sqft coverage when rolled on, 48 sqft if troweled. 50LB Bag. Just add Water

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