Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces Spray Mix (Sprayed Concrete) Common Uses: Designed to be sprayed in one application for a texture and knockdown finish and/or squeegee thin coat and tape down finish of Pool Decks, Driveways, Patios, Pathways, Retaining Walls, Block Walls…and it can even be used Vertically as Vertical Stucco finish. It is a high-strength blend of cement, super fine aggregates, polymer, and proprietary ingredients. The special blend of super fine aggregates and the user-friendly nature of our polymers make this a very workable and user-friendly material for spraying tight and close finishes. Available in GRAY or WHITE, packaged in 50 lb. bags. Just Add Water.

Spray Mix Slick:

SDS Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Spray Mix SDS v1.2 051018

TECH Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Spray Mix Technical Data Sheet V1.1 030117


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