Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces Trowel Mix (Decorative Concrete Mix) Common Uses: Trowel Down system for Skip Trowel, Stenciled and Knockdown like finishes of driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, pathways, hand texture troweling over concrete and more. It is a high-strength blend of cement, polymer, fine aggregates, fibers and proprietary ingredients. Product is used on interior or
exterior horizontal substrate surfaces to achieve (most common) Broom or Troweled concrete overlay finish. (Less common) Has finer aggregate size and is used in place of Pro Stamp Mix to achieve the look of stone, brick, pavers, wood, tile, rock, slate, and many more looks. Product can be applied over concrete, wood (see back for details), metal and other surfaces.

The special blend fine sands and user-friendly nature of our polymers make this a very workable and user-friendly overlay for troweling down tight close finishes. Available in GRAY or WHITE. Packaged in 50 lb. bags. Just add water. Product is designed to be used in conjunction with Primer 100, Primer 110, or Pro Bond and enhanced by incorporating pigments, stains, and sealers to customize and finish the coloring and sealing process. Product can be used from thin finish to deep fill, and can be used with stencils, Trowels, troweled, or worked freehand.

Trowel Mix Slick:

SDS Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Trowel Mix SDS v1.2 021517

TECH Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Trowel Mix Technical Data Sheet V1.1 030117

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