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Base Coats and Underlayments

Many people do not think about base coats, underlayments, and top coats when they are laying and repairing the concrete on their property, but including these can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Our products are effective at providing property owners with durable and attractive concrete surfaces as well as waterproofing systems with various products for concrete and wood. Our experts specialize in concrete laying and surfaces and know what is best for your property to get you the look you are looking for at an affordable price. Your property's value and functionality will significantly increase after the use of our products, and the all the surfaces will be level and require much less maintenance than what would be needed without the use of our base coat and underlayment products.

Types of Base Coats & Underlayments

There are many different types of base coats and underlayments out there, and each of them are ideal for different surfaces. Depending on what your needs are will depend on which product is right for you and the surface. Stone Edge Surfaces has many different products and out experts can help you decide which one is right for the area you are working with to make sure the outcome is attractive and functional.

Pro Bond

Our ProBond product is essentially a base coat for concrete and wood that can also act as a bonding agent for underlayment and concrete mix. The mixture is easy to use, much like our other products and only needs water to be added to the mix. This product has many uses and can be used for a scratch coat in addition to base coat on a variety of different surfaces. 


CPR, also known as concrete patch and repair is an ideal concrete patch material to be used as underlayment or stand alone material. This product can be universally used on commercial and residential surfaces and can get your concrete back to looking as good as new with just a thin coat that will last for many years to come. 

SwiftSet Self-Leveler

Over time, concrete can become uneven and develop low and high spots. When these become worse, puddles and cracking can occur in addition to other issues. Essentially concrete cannot last as long when there are uneven areas and are more susceptible to cracking and breaking which will require further repairs and possibly a replacement sooner than normal. Stone Edge Surfaces has the perfect product for you if there are uneven areas in the concrete on your property or if you're in need of a multi-use base coat alternative. It is also beneficial for repairs when there is patchwork needed and minor repairs on various flooring surfaces. This product is similar to our other products in that it is user-friendly and only requires you to add water. 

Level Slope Self-Leveler

Our level slope product is very similar to our SwiftSet product but in addition to repairing uneven areas of the surface, it can also add slopes to encourage the water to scuppers with little cost to you. This product is often used as an underlayment for waterproofing systems and a top coat spot filler. 

Uses for Base Coat & Underlayment Products

Base coats and underlayments are relatively self-explanatory, but have many other uses in addition to acting as a first coat and helping the concrete last longer. These products can also help to repair cracks, breaks, discoloration, and other flaws that can happen to concrete over time and make the property look unsightly and lose value. 

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