Concrete Patch and Repair Stone Edge Surfaces
Concrete Patch & Repair

Available In 20 LB Pail
Concrete Patch Repair

Available in 50 LB Bag


CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair 

Stone Edge Surfaces CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair is a just add water, high-performance, multi-use, 15 to 30-minute set time, 10,000 psi, no-shrink, non-cracking, easy to use VOH concrete patch and repair material used for general and structural vertical and overhead concrete patching and repairing from ¼” to 6″ thick.

CPR is a polymerized Hydraulic & Portland cement based concrete patching mix that can be shaped and formed on curbs and stairs or troweled vertically or overhead. CPR has superior bonding strength, does NOT require a primer before application, just wet the surfaces before application. CPR also does NOT require “water curing” after application, and only gets warm to the touch not hot.

CPR  can be used in industrial, commercial and residential VOH patching and repairing. CPR can be used as a non shrink grout on small repairs, concrete repair, patching, doweling and anchoring. CPR can also be used as a scratch coat if you are in a pinch and need to apply an overlay in minutes verses hours. CPR can be used as an underlayment for most VOH overlays as well as it can be painted, and can also be integrally or topically colored and/or ground to blend in.

CPR comes in light Concrete Gray: 50 LB Bags (FXCPR50) and 20 LB Pails (FXCPR20)


  • Vertical and Overhead (VOH) Concrete Patching, and Rebuilding.

  • Repair of Concrete stair faces, corners, edges, pool copings, chips, gouges, stanchions, bridge railings, pillars, posts.

  • Filling large holes in concrete walls, fences.

  • Patching and Repairing of Vertical and Overhead concrete surfaces.

  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential

  • Grouting, Doweling and Anchoring

  • As an Underlayment for Vertical Overlays and paints.


  • THICKNESS: Vertical & Overhead: Feather thin to 6”+ deep. 

  • APPLICATION METHOD: Most common method is Trowel

  • WORKING TIME: 5-15 minutes in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity. 15 to 30 minute average set time.

  • PRODUCTS USED WITH: concrete overlays, colorants, paints.


Concrete Patch and Repair
Concrete Patch and Repair
CPR Can be Used Under Water...Hole Patched Under Water



Concrete Patch and Repair
Rebuilt Loading Dock Edge
Concrete Repair
Concrete Patch and Repair
Concrete Patch and Repair
Destroyed Curb Before
Concrete Repair
Destroyed Curb After (5"W x 9"L x 3"D)
Concrete Repair
Loading Dock before
Concrete Patching
Loading Dock After
Concrete Contractor
Patched Commercial Brick Wall

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