Level Slope


Level Slope

Stone Edge Surfaces Level Slope™ is a flat roof ponding water and low spot filler as well as a roof sloping compound to increase positive slope, create crickets, and more.

Level Slope is a heavily polymerized, fiber rich, polymeric concrete that does not require any primer to physically and chemically bond to existing roofing material.

Level Slope DOES NOT require any aggregate for strength and is 5,000+ PSI without added aggregate. If desired, or your spec calls for it, aggregate can be added into the mix to rejection, but it is not necessary to achieve full PSI. You will add covering roof stone for aesthetics to match existing roof stone if your job requires it.

Level Slope can be mixed thin for pouring and semi-self-leveling low spots or it can be mixed thicker and troweled to create slope as deep as 4+” thick down to feather thin.

Level Slope can also have roofing membrane applied over it for waterproofing and has been certified for Hot Mop adhesion.

Level Slope is for commercial or residential use and comes in 50 lb bags.


  • As a Flat Roof Ponding water or Low Spot Filler

  • As a Roof Sloping Compound to create positive slope, crickets, and redirect water towards scuppers, drains or roof edges.



– Flat Roof Ponding Water Low Spot Filler.

– Underlayment to an EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hot Mop and other roofing systems

– Roof Sloping to Redirect Water to Drains, Scuppers or Roof Edges.

THICKNESS: Feather thin to 2” average for low spot filling and 4″ to feather for roof sloping.


– Low Spot Filler: Mix, Pour and Screed, add aggregate if desired but NOT needed, cover with roof stone, or EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hot Mop or other membrane.

– Roof Sloping: Mix Thicker and Trowel to desired slope from 4″ to Feather thin to Redirect Water to Drains, Scuppers or Roof Edges.

WORKING TIME: 20- 30 Minutes depending on Temp, humidity, etc..


HARDNESS: 5,100+ PSI, with Flexural strength


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