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Stone Edge Surfaces Primer 110 is a Primer and extreme bonding agent or bonding primer, and is designed to permanently adhere or bond, both chemically and physically, any of the Stone Edge Surfaces overlay mixes to a substrate.

Primer 110 can be used on a painted or sealed concrete, linoleum, masonry, plaster, drywall, glazed tile, Styrofoam substrates and adverse condition substrates. NOTE: DO NOT use primer 100 over wood substrate without following “Over Wood Application” instructions that can be found on our YouTube Over Wood Application Video, and where a vapor barrier, Spider lath or metal lath would be used.

Primer 110 is a “Dry” Acrylic product. VOC compliant. Works for both interior & exterior applications. Primer 110 has a three-year warranty on bond when used in conjunction with Stone Edge Surfaces bagged cement mixes applied with approved application methods. Dry mix has a long shelf life as long as container is kept sealed. No freeze issues as it is a powdered product. Can be mixed at a 1:1 ratio with water as needed. Packaged in 5 gal pails. Covers 1000 to 1400 sqft.

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