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Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces Primer 100 is a Primer and extreme bonding agent or bonding primer, and is designed to permanently adhere or bond, both chemically and physically, any of the Stone Edge Surfaces overlay mixes to a substrate.

Primer 100 can be used on a painted or sealed concrete, linoleum, masonry, plaster, drywall, glazed tile, Styrofoam substrates and adverse condition substrates. NOTE: DO NOT use primer 100 over wood substrate without following “Over Wood Application” instructions that can be found on our YouTube Over Wood Application Video, and where a vapor barrier, Spider lath or metal lath would be used.

Primer 100 is a Pre-Mixed Liquid Acrylic product. VOC compliant. Works for both interior & exterior applications. Primer 100 has a three-year warranty on bond when used in conjunction with Stone Edge Surfaces bagged cement mixes applied with approved application methods. Discard any unused liquid primer if it has frozen. Packaged in 1 gallon Jug and covers 140 to 200 sqft.

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