Best Commercial Roofing System Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

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Flat and low-slope roofs are found in all sorts of different commercial buildings, from warehouses to stores to apartment buildings, factories, schools, and more. Roofing systems maintain how watertight a building is and make the roof more efficient and economical. Stone Edge Surfaces provides commercial roofing system products to improve on flat and low-slope roofs by preventing common issues, like ponding water.

Here are some of our best commercial roofing system products contractors can use for projects across the United States. Let’s get into it. 

Commercial Roofing System Products

#1. Level Slope


This is our Flat Roof Ponding Water Filler.

Stone Edge Surfaces Level Slope is roof sloping compound and flat roof ponding water/low spot filler. It helps to create a positive slope, crickets, and more. This product is suitable for both commercial and residential use, as either a low spot filler, a flat roof ponding water filler, and as a roof sloping compound in order to redirect water off of your roof. 

Level Slope is a heavily polymerized, polymeric concrete. It does not require a primer in order to bond to the existing roofing material. It can be mixed either thinner or thicker depending on your needs. If you mix it thinner, it is suitable for pouring and semi-leveling low spots. If you mix it thicker, it can create a slope. This slope can range from feather thin to 4”+ deep.

You can also apply roofing membrane over Level Slope in order to waterproof it. 

#2. Pro Bond Ultra 

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra

Pro Bond Ultra is one of our most diverse products that can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Some of the ways it can be used for commercial roofing systems include: slopes, cricks, and repair. 

Pro Bond Ultra can be used as a base coat, a top coat, and as a mix for sloping, patching, refurbishment, repair, and more – all without need for a primer. It can be mixed a bucket at a time or pumped. It can be troweled and applied in order to create a slope ranging from 6”+ to feather thin.

This product can bond to almost any substrate. It can create slope and crickets on roofs and rooftop desks. 

It is ASTM E84 Class A Fire and Smoke certified. 

#3. Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board

Best Commercial Roofing System Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

Our Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board is for commercial flat or low slope LWIC or other such roofing systems. Like our Pro Bond Ultra in the above section, the Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board does not need a primer. It also does not need any adhesives or mortar to fill any spaces around the cover boards, roof edges, and more.

It is monolithic, pumpable, and seamless. This makes it easier for low-roof applications than the more typical 4×8 cover board sheet application method. It has been tested, certified, and  approved by multiple different LWIC manufacturers. 

Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board can withstand hot mop material application. It has also been tested and certified by Strong Manufacturing Co Inc for its ease of use and pumpability.

Like Pro Bond Ultra, Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board is ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke certified with a glass A rating. It has also been testing for hail protection and wind uplift. 

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