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Cover Board / Roof Board
Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board Mix


Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board is for commercial low slope or flat LWIC (Light Weight Insulated Concrete), or similar, roofing systems.

Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board is primerless, has 100% adhesion to the LWIC, Styrofoam or other roofing materials. Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board does not require any adhesives, and does not require mortar to fill the spaces between cover boards, voids around obstacles or the roof edges.

Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board is a monolithic, seamless, and pumpable single layer application which eliminates the typical multi-step 4×8’ cover board sheet application method.

Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board has been tested, certified and approved by multiple LWIC (foamcrete) manufacturers for adhesion to their materials, and by multiple hot mop and membrane manufacturers for their adhesion to Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board, and can withstand the full heat of hot mop material application.

Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board Material has also been “independently” pump tested and certified by Strong Manufacturing Co Inc. for ease of use, pumpability and pumping distance of multi-story structures.

Pro Bond Ultra is ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke tested and certified with a Class A rating, has been tested for wind uplift and hail protection.LWIC 

Concrete Pro Bond
Pro Bond is Class A Rated
Cover Board / Roof Board
Pro Bond is ASTM E84 Class A Certified

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Cover Board  is a 2-4 hour set time and is walkable in 4-6 hours on average depending on temperature, humidity, etc., that may affect dry times. Pro Bond Cover Board  is a “pre-sanded”, single component, just add water, heavily polymerized, non-gypsum, Portland cement and proprietary additive mix that is pumped and troweled smooth to create a strong flat flexible surface to accept roofing materials.


  • LWIC, styrofoam (XPS/EPS) insulated Low Slope Commercial Roofing

  • Creating Positive Slope


  • THICKNESS: Pro Bond Cover Board Material 3/8″ to 1/2″

  • APPLICATION METHOD: Most common method is via Pump, Gauge Rake, Trowel

    – Pro Bond: 1 – 2 hours with a 4 – 6 hour average walk time
    in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity.

    – EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hot Mop and other roofing systems
    – LWIC
    – Holey Board

Low Slope Concrete Roofing
Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board applied over LWIC. This picture shows Pro Bonds flexural strength as it disperses the weight of a 4 wheel drive pickup without damaging the LWIC underneath, breaking its bond or cracking.
Cover Board / Roof Board


cover board

Cover Board / Roof Board
Cover Board / Roof Board
Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board Material applies in a single seamless layer that replaces the 3 part cover board system of applying adhesives to the substrate material to get the cover boards to stick, mechanically attaching them, and then applying a mortar layer to fill in all the cracks and voids betwen the cover boards and all the obstructions on the roof.
Commercial Concrete Roofing
A LWIC base layer slurry is applied and then the Holey Board is imbedded in the base coat layer
Concrete Roofing Systems
LWIC material is pumped over the Holey Board
Cover Board / Roof Board
Pro Bond Cover Board material is Pumped over the LWIC Top Coat, and no primers or adhesives are needed as Pro Bond gives 100% adhesion to the LWIC with no voids for water or wind intrusion.
pro-bond cover board
Pro Bond Cover Board material applied over LWIC. This cross section shows 100% adhesion with no voids and without the use of primers or adhesives.
Cover Board / Roof Board
Pro Bond Ultra Cover Board material creates a seamless, smooth, walkable surface for the application of roofing membrane or hot mop roofing material.
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