10 Reasons To Use Pro Bond Ultra

10 Reasons To Use Pro Bond Ultra

When you work in construction and repair you will be relatively familiar with bonding agents or crack fillers. Pro Bond Ultra is a revolutionary bonding agent that can be used for a variety of projects. Stone Edge Surfaces offers this product to commercial clients and other sellers because we have seen first-hand the benefits of this substance. We have gathered some of the top benefits of using Pro Bond Ultra in this blog to help show you just how beneficial it is to add Pro Bond Ultra to your regular work routine. 

1- Adhesion Strength

Proper adhesion is important when you are applying a top layer to concrete. Pro Bond Ultra will adhere quickly and still be durable. Whether you apply it as a top coat, a repair product, or a slope mix, there is so much potential for optimal results when you purchase this product. 

2- Unmatched Versatility

This is one of the most versatile options in the concrete market. It adheres to many materials and can be used in different types of applications to create a strong surface. It can bond to metal, wood, glass, or concrete. If you want to achieve a durable connection, choosing Pro Bond Ultra can help streamline your concrete repair project. 

3- Quick Drying

Time is of the essence when you are doing a construction project or a concrete project. Quick curing times and drying times are important for concrete products so that the rest of the project can continue on the right timeline. Pro Bond has a faster curing time which means you can use the concrete quicker and move on to other phases of your project. 

4- Weather Resistance

10 Reasons To Use Pro Bond Ultra

Outdoor projects need to withstand more wear and tear than interior concrete surfaces. Pro Bond Ultra can help improve the weather resistance of your outdoor concrete. It can resist UV damage, rain, and temperature fluctuations that can cause cracks in your concrete. Weather resistance is important when you have a pool, driveway, patio, or sports court. This product can provide peace of mind for short-term and long-term projects. 

5- Durability In Challenging Environments

Some climates or environments are demanding of your concrete. Making it last is important if you want your commercial space to last for many years. High humidity, chemical exposure, and fluctuating temperatures can affect the application and upkeep of your concrete. Using Pro Bond Ultra can help improve the longevity of your space while saving you time and money on concrete repairs. Even in the most adverse conditions, a proper bonder will make your concrete less of a liability. 

6- User Friendly Application

The Pro Bond Ultra product was developed with ease of application in mind. The user-friendly application makes it easier for professionals to apply as well as if you choose to DIY the project as well. It applies smoothly and gives you even coverage for your project. The ease of application means that you can focus on the bonding and curing time of the product.

7- Can Be Used As A Sloping Mix

One selling point that makes Pro Bond Ultra such a unique product is its ability to be used as a sloping mix. You can create a positive slope using this mix to create more angles in your space without worrying about weak concrete on ramps or inclines. Creating a slope with concrete can be a difficult task in a commercial project, but all the benefits of Pro Bond Ultra and its ability to create slopes make it easy. 

8- Can Be Used As Base Top Coat For Water Features

Not all concrete overlays or bonding products can withstand high moisture conditions. Not only can Pro Bon Ultra withstand water, but it can protect your concrete around water features like your pool, waterfall, or other rock formations. Using it as a top coat can keep the concrete looking polished while limiting the deterioration of these surfaces from chlorinated water and rainwater. 

9- Doesn’t Require A Primer

When a concrete product doesn’t require a primer, this cuts down on the time it takes to complete your project. Whether you are using Pro Bond Ultra on a large commercial project, or your home driveway, no primer is required to use the bonding mix. This means that your concrete will be protected without adding an extra step. Contractors can apply the overlay mix at any time by just adding water. 

waterproof a deck

10- Waterproof Your Deck

Similarly to protecting your pool or water features, Pro Bond Ultra can waterproof your deck. When you utilize a deck waterproofing base coat from Stone Edge Surfaces, you can increase the water resistance of your deck and prevent chipping or cracking in your deck. 

How To Get Pro Bond Ultra From Your Supplier

Stone Edge Surfaces provides many products to distributors across the globe. We have many suppliers and companies that sell our products to others or use them in their daily operations. If you are looking to use Pro Bond Ultra, you can purchase it from one of these distributors:

  • AVE Inc, Hanson, MA
  • Resinous Flooring Supply, Tulsa, OK
  • Decorative Concrete Designs, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Gateway Elite Crete, St. Louis, MO
  • Colorado Concrete Accessories, Grand Junction, CO
  • Dream Concrete Coatings, Garden City, ID
  • EZ NY Epoxy & Overlays, Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Midsouth Flex-C-Ment, Athens, AL
  • White Cap #707, Austin, TX
  • Prestige Protective Coatings CA, Claremont, CA
  • Power Rental And Sales-Nashville, Nashville, TN
  • Reading Rock, Inc, Cincinnati, OH
  • White Cap Las Vegas, NV 
  • Greenrose Decorative Concrete Supply LLC, Louisville, KY
  • RCS Supply, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Louisiana Decorative Concrete Distributors, Denham Springs, LA
  • White Cap, Charlotte, NC
  • Guaranteed Supply Co., Newport News, VA

And many many more!

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