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Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra

Although you may not know our name…yet…our company developed and has been manufacturing overlay products for one of the largest paint and coating companies on the planet for years. We’ve quietly grown to be one of the largest concrete overlay and specialty concrete manufacturers in the US, with 2 factories, a staffed laboratory, and our own quarry.

We maintain the highest product quality by controlling everything from the formulations, the sands used in the products, to the mixing and bagging…nothing is outsourced, or toll blended. Where we are standing out from the competition is with products like our Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra. Pro Bond Ultra is a multi-use, just add water, primerless, extreme bonding, patch, repair and resurfacing polymeric concrete overlay. What makes it special is that it can be pumped, sloped, colored, applied from feather thin to 6” deep, take a broom or texture stamp finish, and is used as an underlayment “OR” as a top coat!


Here is a commercial use example. Cell-Crete Corporation, a large commercial contractor, licensed in 12 States, needed a Sloping compound for a multi-story parking garage in downtown Phoenix, AZ, where the 8,000 sqft garage roof was poured with no slope and had pooling water issues. Cell-Crete had used Pro Bond Ultra before and knew they could pump it (It has been certified by Strong Manufacturing) 300 feet and up three stories needed to reach the roof. As they pumped it to the roof they needed it to slope from 3” at the edges, down to 1/8” at the drains. They used guide strings, set to the proper depth, and simply held the nozzle in one place longer to build depth, and shorter time in areas needing less material. Pro Bond Ultra held the slope, and they trowel finished it.

Installation of Pro Bond Ultra

Another multi-use example was with Paul Johnson Drywall, a large contractor with offices in 3 states. Paul Johnson Drywall had an issue where 3 different manufacturers fast setting self-levelers had failed in a 450-unit multi-family project where the self-levelers were applied over sound mat in the bathrooms, at 1.25” deep. The project was behind schedule as they had to demo the 1st floor bathroom floors 3 times. Paul Johnson Drywall had used Pro Bond Ultra in the past and knew it was heavily polymerized and had enough flexural strength to be applied over sound mat and not crack, that it would almost self-level, and that it could be applied as an underlayment for varied flooring types. They did a 10- bathroom test for the GC. 24 hours later the GC signed off on Pro Bond

Ultra and SPEC’d it into the project. (We have SPEC’s on al Products.) Pro Bond Ultra isn’t just for commercial projects and is used on residential driveways and patio resurfacing jobs, in warehouses, and so many more places, do if you need a quality sloping, patch, repair and resurfacing overlay product that’s pumpable and primerless…give us a try. Call 844-786-6333

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