Using Self-Leveling Products For Commercial Roofing

Using Self-Leveling Products For Commercial Roofing

There are many concrete products that can help create a great commercial space. Self-leveling concrete is one option that gives commercial spaces more versatility and can be used around a building or for commercial roofing. 

Self-leveling products are not something that gets talked about often, so in this blog, we will share more about how this product works and why it is the top choice for many businesses across the United States. Stone Edge Surfaces offers self-leveling products because of its versatility and durability in many different climates. Here are just a few more reasons why we love it.

More About Self-Leveling Concrete

This specialized mixture helps to limit the amount of labor needed to complete a concrete space. It is composed of aggregates, cement, and liquid additives to help it flow easily into place and achieve a smooth surface. Unlike typical concrete, self-leveling options create a smoother finish with less texture and set up much faster. 

Where Is Self-Leveling Concrete Used The Most?

Self-leveling concrete is very versatile, so it can be used in many different ways. Here are a few of the industries and places where this concrete product can be found.

  • Residential basements
  • Industrial flooring
  • Retail stores
  • Concrete Repair
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Noise reduction
  • Renovation projects

How Long Does It Take To Harden?

It typically takes about 6 hours for this concrete to harden. The concrete may look smooth after about 1-2 hours, but in order to accommodate foot traffic or other heavy objects, it is best to wait until it is fully cured. The curing and hardening time could change based on what the self-leveling concrete is being applied to, the outside weather conditions, and how it is applied. 

What Are The Benefits Of Self-Leveling Concrete For Roofing?

While there are benefits of self-leveling concrete, there are some specific benefits that make it a suitable product for commercial roofing. Here are some of the reasons that industrial or larger structures can benefit from using this concrete product on their roofs. 

self-leveling concrete

Achieving Precision

Commercial roofing requires precision, which is why self-leveling products are the top choice. Achieving that perfect edge and smooth finish is only possible with a product like self-leveling concrete. This product is uniformly flat without much effort from the applicators. 

When precision is a priority, this means that your concrete or overlay will adhere better, last longer, and better protect your commercial space. While a commercial roof doesn’t seem like it would get much use, it actually plays a vital role in helping your business run effectively. Your roof contributes to your curb appeal, the indoor temperature of the building, and noise reduction. 

Works For Roofs Of All Shapes And Sizes

Versatility is another great quality of self-leveling products because they can be used in a variety of projects. Especially commercial roof projects, which can vary dramatically in size and shape. Sometimes, commercial roofs have an irregular surface, making it hard for other overlay products to be completely even. Self-leveling concrete is capable of conforming to different contours and gradients of a building. Whether you prefer a flat roof or a sloped roof for your business, using self-leveling concrete is a safe option. 

A Long Term Cost Effective Solution

Building an industrial or commercial building comes with a multitude of expenses, so saving on a roofing solution could set your business up for future success. Self-leveling products are slightly expensive upfront, but over time it will save you on repairs, energy costs, and upkeep of your building. Choosing a high-quality product to start out, changes the way your building functions. 

Self-Leveling Products From Stone Edge

Our team at Stone Edge Surfaces is committed to creating the best products to help contractors, commercial businesses, and homeowners alike. Our concrete products are used in multiple spaces including pool decks, commercial roofs, walkways, basements, patios, and more! 

Commercial Flooring Swiftset Self Leveler

Stone Edge Offers Swit-Set and Polish-Set Self-Leveler products to help meet customer needs. Swift-Set is typically used for projects like commercial roofing and other industrial type projects, while Polish-Set can be used to create more intricate designs and show personality. 

Whether you are looking to repair your existing concrete or create a concrete space around your home, Stone Edge Surfaces has all the products and tools to help you do it. Find a distributor near you to get started and learn more about what products may be best for you. 

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