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Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler

SwiftSet Self Leveler is a fast setting polymer enhanced Portland cement & other proprietary additive, pre-sanded, self-leveling underlayment or base coat used to create a smooth, flat and level surface, for the installation of various flooring types. SwiftSet Self-Leveler is for indoor or outdoor use, is ASTM E84 fire rated and can be used as a top coat in some situations.

SwiftSet Self-Leveler SwiftSet Self-Leveler

• Commercial Sound mitigation
• Commercial sub flooring for ASTM E84 compliance
• Commercial Parking Structure & Garage low spot filler
• Smooth, Flat Level surface for the installation of tile, carpet and other flooring types.
• Flat smooth Walkable or driveable surface
• Concrete Driveways, Walkways, Garages, Patio Refurbish

BASE/TOP COAT: Underlayment
THICKNESS: 0-feathered to 1.5” … Can Go 2” and up to 3”+ With Aggregate,
APPLICATION METHOD: Mix and Pour or Pump
WORKING TIME: 15-20 Minutes depending on Temperature, and other conditions with set time of 2-4 hours and walkable within 2 to 6 based on thickness.

SwiftSet with Forklift Tracks on outside Warehouse Repair

SwiftSet Self-Leveler 


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