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Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler

Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler is a polymer enhanced Portland cement & other proprietary additive based self-leveling Polishable Overlay and Underlayment, No Primer Needed.

“Underlayment”: Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler is used as an underlayment to create a smooth, flat and level surface or base for installation of various flooring types.

“Polishable Overlay”: Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler has unique physical and chemical bonding and hardness properties that allow it to accept aggregate, colored glass and shell…be polished…and create stunning floors and more.

This is an incredible product if you are looking to create terrazzo looks or just add some beauty to otherwise drab concrete.

Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler 

Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler

Stone Edge Surfaces Polishable Self-Leveler

• Smooth, Flat Self-Leveling Underlayment
• Polished Terrazzo Type Floor
• Self-Leveling Polishable Concrete Floor

BASE/TOP COAT: Underlayment and Polishable Concrete Overlay. No Primer Needed
THICKNESS: 1/4” to 3/4” Max
APPLICATION METHOD: Mix and Pour or Pump, may have to break surface tension to keep flowing.
WORKING TIME: 20-35 Minutes depending on Temp. Average walkable in 8 to 24 hours, Polishable in 24 to 48 hours
COLORS: Available in Gray, can add integral colors with Stone Edge Surfaces having 16 Integral or Liquid Colors available.


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