The Art of Decorative Overlays: Adding Texture and Personality 

Decorative overlays

Architecture and design are important elements in landscape design. Concrete is used for many outdoor spaces because of its durability and ability to withstand different weather conditions. Especially with concrete overlays, you can take your deck, pool, patio, or driveway from mundane to stylish. 

Types Of Decorative Overlays

There are a few different decorative solutions that are available on the market when it comes to concrete overlays. Choosing the right overlay will help connect your exterior design with your home design seamlessly.

  • Stampable Overlays: You can change up the look of your concrete with different designs and stamped shapes. Stampable overlays work great for patios, basements, or breezeways. Stampable overlays help with functionality and aesthetics.
  • Microtoppings: These overlays are more for function rather than aesthetics. They are typically coarse and help to make a concrete surface thicker. Microtoppings make a great base for stamps or sprays as well.
  • Self-Leveling Overlays: Used for damaged concrete flooring. It helps to level the surface and help it withstand more foot traffic.
  • Multipurpose Overlays: Multipurpose overlays are needed when you want a unique flooring design or shape. It can be molded into different textures and designs to resemble different materials. 

Adding Depth And Dimension To An Outdoor Space

The reasons for adding overlays to your concrete are endless, but the benefits it provides for your curb appeal are worth the investment. Stamped or textured concrete overlays can easily add depth and dimension to any exterior space. When texture is applied correctly, it can help increase the durability of the concrete while still changing the look of your space.

Overlays can mimic hardwood, weathered stone, rustic wood, or brick. Each different impression or stamp can create a different story. Decorative overlays can be a work of art in your home.

Stamped Concrete

Dual Benefits: Enhancing Functionality And Added Aesthetics

While many of our personal home improvement projects are done for visual appeal, ones that combine aesthetics and functionality are worth the money. Decorative concrete overlays can act like traditional paving material that withstand heavy wear and tear. Creating a seamless surface is easier with stamping and overlays than by laying pavers. Using textured overlays in high-traffic areas is the ideal choice.

Personalization Capabilities

Homeowners and business owners choose concrete overlays because they can make them unique to them. Personalization options are available for all decorative concrete overlays. You can choose the texture types, stamp design, colors, and finishes for the overlay. Choosing custom options for decorative overlays will help you match your interior/exterior home design.

Artistry Of Installation

To achieve the beauty of textured or stamped overlays, you need to pay attention to the details during installation. Applying decorative overlays requires a skilled hand and the right tools. Hiring a concrete professional will help you achieve a seamless design. Each preparation step and application step is crucial to achieving the best result. Professionals can help bring your vision to life without money or product waste.

Decorative And Stamping Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

Stone Edge Surfaces offers multiple overlays and application tools to help you achieve top-of-the-line decorative concrete. Choosing the right products can make or break your project. 

Stamped Concrete

Our horizontal concrete overlay mix, Pro Bond Ultra, is a multi-use product that doesn’t require primer. It bonds easily to different substrates and is used for residential and commercial projects. 

Our wall coat is a just-add-water mixture that helps you create texture with our Concrete Stamps and Texture Skins. The mixture is pliable for 1 to 6 hours, so you can create a custom look of stones, bricks, or wood. Stone Edge offers the following tools:

  • Wood Plank & Fireplace Stamp Sets 
  • Orchard Stone Stamp Set
  • Single Stone Stamp Set
  • Deep Texture Dry Stack

Find a Stone Edge distributor near you to find all available products. If you want to learn more about applying overlays or what our products can do for you, check out our concrete blog!

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