Concrete Surface Prep 101: Ensuring a Seamless Secondary Coating Application

Concrete surface prep

Concrete surface prep is important when applying a coating of any kind if you want it to last. Whether you have previously applied a coating, or are adding one for the first time, the preparation step is crucial. Good adhesion is ultimately achieved when the substrate is clean, smooth, and crack-free. Below is a guide on how to ensure a seamless secondary coating with the help of Stone Edge Surfaces product lines. 

1- Inspect The Current Coating And State Of The Substrate

Before doing anything else, inspect the concrete for damages, bacteria growth, and the current state of the coating. This will give you knowledge about how strong your substrate is and if it can handle being sanded or another coating application. 

For substrates that have an existing coating, most concrete coatings don’t apply well to other coatings. You will need to research how coatings apply to other coatings instead of how they apply to concrete. Curing time, application processes, and longevity will all change depending on what surface the coating is applied to. 

2- Make Necessary Repairs

Damaged concrete or other substrates can change the look of your coating. Applying a concrete coating does not fix damages, repairs need to be done in addition to coatings. 

Filling in cracks and holes is an essential step in concrete surface prep, if you want to achieve proper adhesion and the best appearance. Imperfections in the surface can cause the coating to perform differently than listed on the product. 

Concrete Surface Prep 101: Ensuring a Seamless Secondary Coating Application

Stone Edge Surfaces offers multiple restoration products that can help give you a better starting surface. Swift Set Self-Leveler, ProBond Ultra, and CPR-Concrete Patch & Repair have a relatively quick drying time and can be used to fill in large holes or cracks. They bond well to the concrete and require little to no preparation before application. 

ProBond Ultra can be used for a variety of applications like deck waterproofing, deep backfill, and base coat for repaired concrete and used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. 

3- Cleaning The Surface

Removing the build-up of any kind from the surface will also help aid in a smooth application of the coating. Dirt, grease, oil, bugs, or other contaminants can cause the coating to lift or bubble after application. Removing these contaminants can be done by pressure washing, scraping, sweeping, or grinding for stubborn debris. 

Removing contaminants before applying another coating is the most important step in concrete surface prep. This ensures that coatings will stick to the previous coating or the concrete while staying durable. 

4- Applying A Secondary Coating

Once your surface has been prepped, it is time to apply the secondary coating. If homeowners are applying a coating on their own, they must follow manufacturers’ guidelines to achieve the best results. These guidelines outline application techniques, drying times, and how the application can change between climates and different environmental conditions. 

A professional concrete applier will lower the risk of mistakes during application. These mistakes can cause you to spend money on repairs, new coatings, or hiring a professional to remove the damaged coating and apply a new one. Secondary coatings require precision and sufficient drying time because they are not being applied to a porous surface. 

Concrete Surface Prep Products & Coating Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

Pro Bond Concrete

Stone Edge Surfaces carries multiple product lines to help coat different areas around your home. Our company distributes deck waterproofing products, commercial roofing systems, self-levelers, concrete repair products, and concrete overlays. We are the largest manufacturers of these products in the US. Our factories and quarries produce multiple high-quality products that are distributed across the world to our multiple distributors. 

No matter what project you are trying to complete, Stone Edge can help elevate the space with our durable and visually appealing coatings. Working with our distributors to find the right product for you will ensure your concrete lasts for years to come. Head to our list of distributors to find one nearest to you.

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