Best Decorative Concrete Products From Stone Edge Surfaces

Decorative concrete products elevate plain, traditional concrete into a thing of beauty. It both maintains the functionality of the structure while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. Decorative concrete can have the look of brick, wood, tile, stone, and more, allowing people to achieve a higher-class look at a more affordable price. 

decorative concrete products

Here at Stone Edge Surfaces, we provide a wide range of decorative concrete products from liquid and integral colors to concrete stamps and texture skins to the horizontal and vertical overlay mixes themselves. In addition to supplying top-of-the-line decorative concrete products to contractors across the United States, we also offer factory trainings to help contractors know how best to use our products. 

With the combination of top-tier training and state-of-the-art decorative concrete products, Stone Edge Surfaces takes pride in helping home and business owners achieve stunning concrete surfaces both indoors and out.

We’ll list some of our best decorative concrete products below. If we were to list them all, we’d both be here for quite some time, so we’ll just highlight a few products from each section and then link to each product section so that you can learn more about the full-range of decorative concrete products that we provide. Let’s get into it.

Decorative Concrete Products

Horizontal Concrete Overlay Mixes

To see all of these products, click on over to our Horizontal Concrete Overlays section right here.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra

Pro Bond Ultra

Our Pro Bond Ultra is a multi-use product, good as a base coat, top coat, patching, repair, and overlay. It does not require primer and can take a wide variety of textures, from your basic broom finish to carving. It can bond to many substrates, from concrete to brick to tile and more.

Pro Bond Ultra can take topical colors, for rebuilding, for use in making water features, and more. It is suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential use. Head over to the Pro Bond Ultra product page to learn more. 

Vertical Concrete Overlay Mixes

To see all of these products, click on over to our Vertical Concrete Overlays section right here

Wall Coat

Our Wall Mix is a just-add-water mix that gives you 1-6 hours to work with, so that you can transform a wall into something right out of a castle or to make it look like a boulder or something like that. It works wonderfully for both vertical and overhead applications in commercial and residential products.  

Concrete Stamps And Texture Skins

Concrete Wall Stamps

To see all of these products, click on over to our Concrete Stamps And Texture Skins section right here. We carry a significant amount of stamps and skins, from mountainous brick stacks to vineyard stones to cobblestones and more. 

Some of our concrete stamps and texture skins include:

  • Wood Plank & Fireplace Stamp Set
  • Orchard Stone Stamp Set
  • Single Stone Stamp Set
  • Deep Texture Dry Stack
  • And many more

Liquid And Integral Colors

To see all of these products, click on over to our Liquid And Integral Colors section right here

Liquid Colors

Our liquid colors come in 16 different colors in 32 ounce bottles. They are mixed with the overlay mixes in order to achieve uniform colors or they can be used with our sealers. They can also be used with our Accent Enhancer and more. 

To learn more about the products we here at Stone Edge Surfaces provide, don’t hesitate to click around our site, find a Stone Edge Surfaces-certified contractor near you, or contact us for answers for any questions that you might have. If you would like to learn how to use our products, look up our factory training dates. We’re here to take your home or commercial property to the next level with top quality products.

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