Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces  Stamp Mix (Decorative Concrete Mix) Common Uses: Carved or Stamp finish of driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, pathways, floors, wood decks and more. A blend of cement, fine aggregates, fibers, polymer and proprietary ingredients, create high strength, long-lasting carveable and stampable custom concrete veneer overlay. The user-friendly nature of our polymers make our overlays very workable and easy to apply. Available in gray or white, with the white recommended for better water resistance on submerged applications. High psi compressive strength makes it ideal for all exterior applications of high wear, including driveways, sidewalks and parking areas. Comes in GRAY or WHITE. Packaged in 50lb bags. Just add water.

Stamp Mix Slick:

SDS Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Stamp Mix SDS v1.2 051018

Tech Sheet: Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Stamp Mix Technical Data Sheet V1.1 030117

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