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Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Seal 2500 is a High Gloss, 25% solids, Pure Acrylic Solvent Based concrete sealer with excellent penetration and adhesion qualities when used on clean and unsealed new or existing concrete. Pro Seal 2500 is UV stable, non-yellowing, and is a very tough 100% pure acrylic sealer that will give your jobs a beautiful wet look that makes the colors “pop”. Pro Seal 2500 is NOT a cure-and-seal so concrete must be completely dry 48 to 72 hours for thin overlays and up to 28 days for ready-mix concrete, because it does not breath or allow out-gassing. Pro Seal 2500 is clear in color and is 700 VOC so make sure you can use it in your state. Pro Seal 2500 comes in a 5-gallon bucket, part number (FXC600)


Sealing of floors, driveways walkways and patios.


BASE/TOP COAT: Top Coat Gloss Sealer

APPLICATION METHOD: Roll on with nap roller or can be sprayed using a “Chapin” Extreme type all metal sprayer.

WORKING TIME: Average 5 to 10 minutes


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