Product Description

Stone Edge Surfaces FitzPack Concrete Retarder is a white powdered “non-chloride” set retarder packaged in 5.6oz bags for easy 1:1 (ratio mixing with any of our Stone Edge Surfaces concrete Overlay or decorative concrete mixes. Stone Edge Surfaces Fitzpack Concrete Retarder is designed to “slow” or “retard” the concrete’s “set time” to allow more open time to work the concrete. This is needed during the heat of the summer and you have a hot working environment that will make the mix flash off too fast. Retarder slows the set time but it does not effect compressive strength or the colors in the concrete. Retarder is designed for 1:1 “or less”, so you do not have to mix an entire retarder pack with each bag if you only need to slow set time a little. 5.6oz bag

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