Release Agents

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Release Agent (Bubble Gum Liquid Release) is bubble gum scented “LIQUID RELEASE AGENT” that is clear in color, low viscosity, and is a slow drying blend of evaporating, residue free release agents, that is a liquid bond breaker for use in the imprinting process of stamped concrete. A liquid release agent allows the stamps and texture skins to release from the concrete after making their impression without sticking.

Stone Edge Surfaces Dry Release Powder is a colored powder made up of calcium carbonate, iron oxide, and steric acid that forms a waterproof barrier and reduces concrete build-up on Stone Edge Surfaces Texture Mats. Made with the finest ultra-violet-resistant pigments available, Stone Edge Surfaces Dry Release powder stands up to the effects of sunlight. Stone Edge Surfaces Dry Release powder is designed to be streak-free and is made from finely ground formula that works with polyurethane, texturing mats to create a beautifully antiqued and textured concrete surface.

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