Got Cracks? Stone Edge Surfaces Releases Their New “Hairline Crack Fill”

Who is Stone Edge Surfaces, and what’s the scoop on this new Hairline Crack Fill? To get those answers, we asked Bruce Grogg, Director of Sales at Stone Edge Surfaces to fill in the gaps (pun intended) and tell us all about it.

Got Cracks? Stone Edge Surfaces Releases Their New “Hairline Crack Fill”

Tell us about the company. Stone Edge Surfaces, a division of Turley International Resources, is a leading US manufacturer with over 300 concrete overlay, polymer enhanced concrete, mortar, grout, and packaged concrete products. We own two blending and packaging factories in the US and have a US Quarry, as well as quarry facilities in New Zealand and Chile. Stone Edge Surfaces ensures consistent product quality by controlling every aspect of the manufacturing process in house, from the formulations produced in our two laboratories, the sands we pull from our quarries to the precise blending and packaging performed in our factories. Nothing is outsourced or toll blended, and it’s all made in the USA.

Tell us about your Hairline Crack Fill. There are several crack fill products on the market, with most being complicated or they have inconsistent sand sizes that don’t work in hairline cracks, or they are 2-component or epoxy-based mixes which are harder to use and require reading the instructions. We wanted to make something so easy to use, you could pretty much make it work without reading the instructions. In fact, I shot the demo video using a dixie cup, a stir stick, a water bottle, and a paper towel as an applicator. Nothing complicated…just a simple to use product that is easy to mix and apply…and works better than almost every other product on the market when it comes to fixing hairline cracks in concrete.

Our goal was to create a true polymeric concrete or cementitious Hairline crack filling compound that would complement our existing primerless commercial concrete patch and repair product line that consists of our fast-setting CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair® and our Pro Bond Ultra. Pro Bond Ultra is our extreme bonding patch, repair, sloping, and resurfacing compound. What we ended up with was far beyond what we hoped for, and the field testing did so well, our BETA testers bought up all our stock the second we announced it was being released.

We feel the Hairline crack side of the market has been underserved, and as we hit the market with our primerless, no-shrink, extreme bonding, just add water, easy to mix, use, and apply Hairline Crack Fill, that can be integrally and topically colored as well as overlaid or left as is…we will fill the void quite nicely. Give it a try. In fact, if you mention this article, we will give you a 20% discount on your first purchase.

Stone Edge Surfaces Hairline Crack Fill comes in a 10LB Pail in either White or Gray. There are two product demo videos on the Stone Edge Surfaces YouTube Channel, you can call 844-786-6333 for more information, or go to, or

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