6 Tips For Concrete Overlay Maintenance

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If you have decorative concrete or a concrete overlay of any kind, it will need to be maintained to look its best. Concrete overlays are durable, but they can still experience staining and cracks that affect how they appear. Performing concrete overlay maintenance is important to the longevity of your concrete areas. Stone Edge Surfaces wants homes and businesses to look their best, so the only way to do that is to share proper maintenance tips for concrete. 

1- Use The Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning your concrete overlay regularly is important, but using the right cleaning products is even more important. Cleaning the overlay will remove dirt and debris that can cause damage, but using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners will weaken your overlay. This is why regular cleaning with a less abrasive cleaner is important to limit cacked-on debris. 

For stubborn stains, you can use a detergent or specialized concrete cleaner with a soft-bristled brush to break it up. Gently scrub the area or let it sit on the affected area and work for around 20 minutes. 

2- Apply A Sealer

Concrete sealers help protect the concrete from stains, dents, and UV exposure. Depending on the overlay you choose, a sealer may need to be reapplied every few years. Especially in climates with frequently changing weather, sealers may wear down quicker than usual. Applying a sealant is a crucial step in concrete overlay maintenance because it will protect the concrete subfloor and any overlay by adding an extra layer. This will prevent scratches and stains from damaging the more expensive overlay

3- Fix Cracks And Damage Promptly

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Even if you take proper care of your concrete overlay, there is still the possibility of cracks developing. Fixing these cracks or other small damages promptly will keep them from spreading or weakening the rest of your overlay. Repairing damages quickly will help extend the life of your overlay significantly as untreated issues can cause small stress points to build up in a coating. 

Small cracks can be fixed with a patching compound. Apply the compound to the area and spread it evenly with a trowel. Filling in the crack will take pressure off the rest of the area when it experiences changing weather or high foot traffic. Larger cracks should be handled by a professional.

4- Don’t Drag Grills Or Patio Furniture

Dragging heavy items across your patio or deck will cause major scratches and dents to form in your concrete overlay. Proper concrete overlay maintenance means taking the extra time to lift grills, patio furniture, toys, or decorative items when moving them around. Dragging any sharp or heavy item across concrete surfaces can be damaging and reverse any maintenance efforts. Maintaining the look and structure of your concrete overlay is possible when small abrasions are avoided. 

5- Clean Stains To Avoid Discoloration

Stains of any kind can cause damage to a concrete overlay. While the overlay’s job is to help prevent substances from seeping into the concrete, leaving stains on top of your overlay can cause discoloration and deterioration. Stains, especially chemical ones, can change the properties of an overlay and leave a discolored spot behind. 

Cleaning up a spill quickly will prevent it from seeping into the overlay or spreading farther, creating an extremely noticeable spot. Cleaning up the spill with a nonabrasive cleaner, a mop, or a soft-bristled brush will help your concrete look brand new again. 

6- Avoid Using Ice Melt

During those icy winter days, it is tempting to scatter the ice melt and keep your walkway from freezing over, but using ice melt on concrete overlays isn’t the best idea. The chemicals in ice melt can cause your overlay to deteriorate and become discolored. Ice melt may leave tiny divots in the overlay where the mixture sat throughout the day. Since the mixture is used to break down ice and snow quickly, the chemicals can also cause damage, discoloration, and scaling to your concrete over time. 

Ice melt can also have harmful effects on the environment. It can contaminate water as snow and ice melt, damage soil, and cause chemical burns to plants and grass. Avoiding chemical ice melt can prolong the life of a concrete overlay as well as provide other benefits to the environment.  

Concrete Overlay Maintenance And Concrete Products From Stone Edge

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Stone Edge Surfaces offers a variety of concrete products to elevate residential and commercial properties. Our products are distributed by many contractors across the US, so many homeowners and businesses can have decorative concrete, protected subfloor, and easy-to-maintain walkways. 
Stone Edge offers product lines like deck waterproofing systems, vertical concrete overlays, anti-slip sand, and self-leveling concrete. No matter what project you are looking to complete, our products are the highest quality materials on the market. Find a Stone Edge distributor and get started today!

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