Why Concrete Overlays Are a Wise Investment

Are concrete overlays a wise investment?
Concrete overlays by Stone Edge Surfaces

Concrete overlays promise better concrete, less maintenance, and better curb appeal. While it may promise all of these benefits, are concrete overlays a wise investment? Are the benefits worth the application process and the upfront cost? 

Concrete overlays can improve the usability of your concrete spaces while also giving you more aesthetic appeal. In this blog, we will discuss some of the benefits of concrete overlays and how they give you a great return on investment for all users. 

1- Improves The Structural Integrity Of The Concrete

While concrete is known to be durable, adding an overlay can help the concrete withstand more wear and tear. Concrete that has lost some of its structural integrity can be improved by overlays. A proper overlay acts as a shield to protect the concrete from chemical exposure, weather, and foot traffic. It is a wise investment to choose the right overlay product for your specific project. Exterior and interior overlays are made to keep up with specific wear and environmental factors. Overlays will strengthen the underlying concrete which will result in fewer repairs to the subfloor. 

2- Offers Different Design Options

Many textures, colors, and finishes can come with overlays to help give you a unique design. Different designs in concrete overlays can help improve your landscape and give your home a more modern look. 

You can mimic various materials with an overlay as well. This will give the look and feel of a certain material without the higher price tag. Choosing an overlay is a wise investment if you want to achieve a high-end look, without the time-consuming application process and aftercare. Applying a proper overlay will give you the structure you need while also giving your landscaping the upgrade you desire. 

3- Requires Minimal Maintenance

Once you have a concrete overlay applied, the upkeep will be the least of your worries. Overlays require minimal maintenance since they strengthen and protect the subfloor, which makes them a wise investment for busy homeowners and business owners. The right overlay will keep chemicals, dirt, and other debris from damaging the concrete and is easy to clean up when you have an overlay. 

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A durable coating will help lower the number of repairs that you need to complete on your concrete areas. Filling cracks or replacing sunken concrete will be a thing of the past after you apply an overlay from Stone Edge Surfaces. 

4- Overlays Are Eco-Friendly

More and more companies and products are turning to environmental consciousness. Using sustainable products for your home projects will help lower your carbon footprint while also keeping your home in great shape. Concrete overlays help you to repurpose concrete spaces, which reduces waste and conserves natural resources. Some overlay systems are made with recycled materials, which further reduces their environmental impact. 

5- Keep Concrete Usable For Longer

While concrete is used because of its durability, it isn’t made to last forever. Using a concrete overlay will help to extend the life of your concrete. Overlays are sealed to help your concrete stand a lot of use and abuse while making it easier to maintain. This makes them a wise investment because they end up saving homeowners thousands of dollars over time. Using the right product will lower the risk of damage to the concrete.

Overlays are great for outdoor spaces because they help decks, driveways, and walkways withstand all types of weather. Sweeping and mopping your outdoor spaces regularly will help keep the overlay looking brand new. 

Concrete Overlays From Stone Edge Surfaces

Stone Edge Surfaces is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete overlays, deck waterproofing, leveling concrete, and other repair products in the U.S. With multiple product lines and distributors in almost every state, there is something for everyone when you work with Stone Edge.

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Our products range from smooth to textured and can help transform a space with ease. Fine sanded products or slurry coats are all available from our manufacturers and distributors. Since Turley International purchased our company in 2008, we have seen massive growth and worked on thousands of projects. We have bought and licensed quarries, upgraded our packing facilities, and are providing quality products for homeowners and commercial construction companies.

Find a distributor in your state by using our locator and start improving your concrete with ease! If you don’t find a distributor in your state, we ship our products internationally. We promise you will be satisfied with our concrete overlays and know you have made a wise investment in your concrete spaces.

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