Tips & Tricks When Using Stone Edge Surfaces Mixes…from Gregg Hensley

1. You Must Mix Thoroughly!: Ensure proper mixing times and rpm whether using a hand-held mixer or barrel/tumbler type mixer to ensure more consistent coloration throughout for integrally colored product.

2. You Must Allow the Mix to False Set!: Start by Mixing the mix completely for at least 3 minutes with hand held mixer or even longer with a barrel/tumbler mixer to achieve proper viscosity level. Stop mixing and let the mix false set/slake for at least 2-3 minutes to allow for material expansion and hydration of the ingredients. After 2-3 minutes of false set…begin the mixing process again and add additional water “In Small Amounts” as needed to achieve proper viscosity level again for usage and additional open time for workability and stamping.

3. Misting the Substrate: During application of material to the substrate, you can mist the “Substrate” with moisture to help eliminate air bubbles trapped in pinholes in the substrate from forming air bubbles in the overlay mix. 

4. Never Clean Your Stamps With Water Before Use: If while stamping your mix starts sticking to your stamp mats…never clean the stamps with water! Using water will create a layer of moisture on the stamping mat that will make the stamps stick continuously through the stamping process. Only use the proper liquid release agent to clean the stamps at any time during the project. When finished with the project, then you can clean the stamps for storage by lightly pressure washing with water.

5. Do Not Mist the Overlay Surface with Water While Stamping. This will cause the same reaction as using water on your stamps..

6. Do Not Over Saturate the Overlay or Stamps with Release Agent: Excessive release agent between the stamp and overlay surface may cause a slurry of material to form that could cause an orange peel/ elephant skin/ kissing appearance to the surface. Over saturation may also cause suction and cause the stamps to stick to to the overlay material. ONLY apply a light misting of release agent on the stamp as well as the overlay surface to insure proper stamping efficiency.

7. Note for Cooler Temperatures and Using The Correct Amount of Water in Your Mix: If cooler temperatures exist when applying Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Stamp mix, use the higher recommended amount of water to powder to insure a non-sticky surface when smoothing. Overlay Mixes sometimes react differently in cooler temperatures, and may get sticky when using the lower 2.75 quarts range. Using 3.25 quarts or so, will allow the smoothing tools to glide nicely across the surface. In Cooler temperatures, some ingredients react differently and may need the higher water content to fully react.

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