Stone Edge Surfaces New PolishSet Self-Leveler…The Look of Epoxy, With a Self-Leveling Concrete Mix

Epoxy floors have a very distinctive and amazing look as you pour the epoxy and watch the colors run and slowly mix and flow and create incredible patterns. For those who don’t do epoxy all the time, we all know it can be difficult to master, and there are so many variables that it’s tough to get it right. As a concrete product manufacturer, we received so many requests for epoxy from our clients that we made the mistake of finally carrying an epoxy line a few years back. Wow…was that ever a hard lesson in sticking to what you are good at!! The learning curve for our customers, and for us, was a monumental task that none of us expected, and when you are used to dealing with concrete, even though epoxy can create incredible looks, it really is a whole different skill set.

Instead of throwing in the towel, we decided to go to work and create a concrete product that had the look of epoxy, without all the difficult mixing and application processes, and especially the temperamental nature that is associated with epoxy applications.

It took over 3 years of R&D, but we finally have a concrete overlay mix that looks and acts like epoxy without the hassle!

Introducing Stone Edge Surfaces PolishSet Self-Leveler. PolishSet is a primerless, polymer enhanced, just add-water, pre-sanded, polishable self-leveling concrete overlay that is designed to help you create incredible epoxy-like flowing floors, that look as good un-polished as they do polished. Yes, you read that correctly…PolishSet can be polished, or you can leave it unpolished and just seal it.

PolishSet is designed to self-level and has a long working time to allow bubbles to dissipate and the time needed to add shell, aggregate, glass bead or crushed glass if you are creating a polish floor or terrazzo look.

However, if you are just looking for a beautiful solid color floor or want to dress it up with multiple colors to create an epoxy-like look, using our ColorSet Method, you can create jaw dropping stunning looks without polishing…and the results will be fantastic either way.

If we have your interest…contact us to request more information, to attend a training, or if you have questions regarding our PolishSet Self-Leveler or how to use it to create stunning epoxy look floors using our ColorSet method. Visit our Website at , or Contact us at or give us a call at 844-786-6333

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