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SwiftSet Self-Leveler Base Coat Topper is CERTIFIED to Work With SpexCrete 450 Light Weight Base Coat
SpexCrete Concrete Product
SpexCrete 450 Light Weight Base Coat is Certified to Work With SwiftSet Self-Leveler


The Stone Edge Surfaces 2-layer Multi-Story Flooring System is comprised of a Base Coat layer of a foamcrete material like the SpexCrete 450, and a Base Coat Topper of Stone Edge Surfaces 7,000 PSI SwiftSet Self-Leveler.

Both SpexCrete 450 and Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler have been tested for adhesion and strength, and both have been “independently” pump tested and certified by ChemGrout  against all major competitors as a 9 out of 10 (SwiftSet) and 10 out of 10 (SpexCrete) for ease of use, pumpability and pumping distance of 300 feet.

Both SpexCrete and SwiftSet Self-Leveler have been independently ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke tested and certified with a Class A ratings.

SwiftSet Concrete

SpexCrete 450 is a single component, just-add-water, Ultra Lightweight Polymer Modified Underlayment designed for deep fill flooring applications, and it reduces the dead load weight by ~65% as compared to traditional concrete underlayment systems. SpexCrete and SpexCrete 450 are a different manufacturer than Stone Edge Surfaces and can be reached at: and 440-462-1500 for more information about their products.

Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is a fast setting (2-4 hours), walkable in (4- 6 hours), “pre-sanded”, single component, just add water, polymer enhanced, non-gypsum, Portland cement and proprietary additive self-leveling underlayment top coat mix used to create a smooth flat and level surfaces for the installation of various flooring types.

When used together, SwiftSet Self-Leveler and SpexCrete 450 create a very versatile lightweight concrete underlayment system that is as much as 65% less weight per SQFT than standard self-leveling underlayment systems.


  • High Rise Commercial and Residential Structures

  • Multi-Level Commercial and Residential Structures



  • SpexCrete 450 1/2″ to 3″

  • SwiftSet Self-Leveler 1/4″ to 3/4″


  • Most common method is Pump, Squeegee, Magic Trowel, Gauge Rake, Porcupine Roller, Trowel


  • SpexCrete: 10 – 15 minutes

  • SwiftSet Self Leveler: 10 – 20 minutes with a 2 – 4 hour set time in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity.


  • Primer

  • SpexCrete 450

  • SwiftSet Self-Leveler


  • Concrete

  • Plywood



SpexCrete Concrete
SpexCrete 450 Lightweight Concrete Base Coat Topped with Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-leveling Base Coat Topper. Flooring would then be installed over the SwiftSet Self-Leveler.
SwiftSet is Certified to be Applied Over SpexCrete 450
Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is applied over the SpexCrete 450 to a Spec'd Depth of 1/4" to 1/2" to achieve a combined depth of 3/4" to 3" and adding a 7,000 PSI stable, smooth, top coat base layer for the installation of all flooring types.

SwiftSet Self-Leveler Pump Test Results

Pump Testing Results of SwiftSet Self-Leveler

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