SwiftSet Self-Leveler Base Coat Topper is CERTIFIED to Work With SpexCrete 450 Light Weight Base Coat
SpexCrete 450 Light Weight Base Coat is Certified to Work With SwiftSet Self-Leveler


The Stone Edge Surfaces 2-layer Multi-Story Flooring System is comprised of a Base Coat layer of a foamcrete material like the SpexCrete 450, and a Base Coat Topper of Stone Edge Surfaces 7,000 PSI SwiftSet Self-Leveler.

Both SpexCrete 450 and Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler have been tested for adhesion and strength, and both have been “independently” pump tested and certified by ChemGrout  against all major competitors as a 9 out of 10 (SwiftSet) and 10 out of 10 (SpexCrete) for ease of use, pumpability and pumping distance of 300 feet.

Both SpexCrete and SwiftSet Self-Leveler have been independently ASTM E84 Fire and Smoke tested and certified with a Class A ratings.

SpexCrete 450 is a single component, just-add-water, Ultra Lightweight Polymer Modified Underlayment designed for deep fill flooring applications, and it reduces the dead load weight by ~65% as compared to traditional concrete underlayment systems. SpexCrete and SpexCrete 450 are a different manufacturer than Stone Edge Surfaces and can be reached at: Spexcrete.com and 440-462-1500 for more information about their products.

Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is a fast setting (2-4 hours), walkable in (4- 6 hours), “pre-sanded”, single component, just add water, polymer enhanced, non-gypsum, Portland cement and proprietary additive self-leveling underlayment top coat mix used to create a smooth flat and level surfaces for the installation of various flooring types.

When used together, SwiftSet Self-Leveler and SpexCrete 450 create a very versatile lightweight concrete underlayment system that is as much as 65% less weight per SQFT than standard self-leveling underlayment systems.


  • High Rise Commercial and Residential Structures

  • Multi-Level Commercial and Residential Structures



  • SpexCrete 450 1/2″ to 3″

  • SwiftSet Self-Leveler 1/4″ to 3/4″


  • Most common method is Pump, Squeegee, Magic Trowel, Gauge Rake, Porcupine Roller, Trowel


  • SpexCrete: 10 – 15 minutes

  • SwiftSet Self Leveler: 10 – 20 minutes with a 2 – 4 hour set time in warm temperatures, +/- depending on temp, humidity.


  • Primer

  • SpexCrete 450

  • SwiftSet Self-Leveler


  • Concrete

  • Plywood



SpexCrete 450 Lightweight Concrete Base Coat Topped with Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-leveling Base Coat Topper. Flooring would then be installed over the SwiftSet Self-Leveler.
Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is applied over the SpexCrete 450 to a Spec'd Depth of 1/4" to 1/2" to achieve a combined depth of 3/4" to 3" and adding a 7,000 PSI stable, smooth, top coat base layer for the installation of all flooring types.

SwiftSet Self-Leveler Pump Test Results

Pump Testing Results of SwiftSet Self-Leveler

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