4 Beautiful Pool Deck Remodeling Ideas

Concrete Overlay

It’s finally warm enough for us to start using our pools again! Before the heat of summer really hits, why not remodel your pool deck? A new season means endless new possibilities. Pool decking, concrete overlays, and deck seals can all create a beautiful new pool deck that speaks to your updated tastes. From a beach entry to a smooth and beautiful white finish, the possibilities for pool deck remodeling are endless. Here are some of our favorite pool deck remodeling ideas that can transform your space and give it that much needed makeover. Let’s dive in!

#1. Beach Entry

Why journey to the beach when your pool can have a beach entry? Beach entry pools are also known as walk-in pools because they open up onto your deck and gradually slope down into your pool, like a beach. This allows you to wade into your pool. The top part of a beach entry pool where it meets the rest of your pool deck is normally dry, but if it gets windy or people get rowdy in the pool, you may have some waves lapping up onto your pool deck, just like at a natural beach. 

If you have a stamped or textured pool deck, this can slope down into your pool to make a beach entry. The texture of the anti-slip sand in a deck seal provides slip resistance, which helps keep people from falling over and potentially hurting themselves while getting in or out of the pool. People who opt for beach entry pool deck remodeling like to go with natural deck seals, to really get that beautiful sandy look. Minus the inconvenience of sand getting everywhere, of course!

#2. Natural Stone Stamps

Another beautiful pool deck remodeling idea is using concrete overlays in order to achieve a pool deck that looks like it’s made out of stone at a fraction of the cost of ripping up your existing pool deck and replacing it with real stone. Natural stone concrete overlays are ideal if you’re looking for pool deck remodeling ideas that speak of luxury, as you often see this type of pool deck in places such as country clubs, hotels, spas, and more. 

You can go with all different types of stone for your concrete overlay pool deck remodeling. This includes limestone, slate, and more. Natural stone stamps are also excellent for water fixtures around your pool, like if you want there to be a waterfall or outcropping. 

#3. Smooth And Solid

pool deck remodeling
pool deck remodeling

Perhaps you’d like a pool deck remodeling idea that’s simpler, but still speaks of class? A deck seal combined with a waterproof decking system can make your pool deck stunning and cohesive. Pool deck seals come in multiple different colors, so you can select the best one for your pool deck remodeling, be it a vibrant white or a lovely terracotta. Pool decks can get very hot and burn your feet when you’re trying to move around your pool, so if you’re looking for a way to cool your pool deck down, a deck seal is an excellent choice for this.

This is because pool deck seals can cool your deck down, making it a full 10 degrees cooler than an unsealed pool deck. If you have little ones, pets, or simply don’t want to deal with hissing, “Ow, ow, ow,” getting in and out of your pool, a pool deck seal won’t only transform your pool deck into a smooth, stunning surface, but also make it more comfortable and safer to walk on.

#4. Diversify With Concrete Pavers

Another beautiful pool deck remodeling idea is using concrete pavers for your deck. These can be customized to make all different sorts of designs, from mosaics to cobblestone to brickwork and more. Concrete pavers can also be coated in order to make them more durable and damage-resistant. You can also have a deck seal applied overtop of them, in order to waterproof them and provide a lovely matte finish. For slip-resistance, an anti-slip sand can be added to the deck seal, as mentioned above, when we were talking about options for beach entry pool deck remodeling ideas.

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pool deck remodeling

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