A Comprehensive Guide To Concrete Overlay Application Thickness

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Applying a concrete overlay is a meticulous process that should be done with precision. The overlay application thickness can impact the look of your concrete and its durability. Finding the right thickness for your project can be the difference between a highly durable area and damaged concrete. Using the right overlay product in combination with the right thickness can increase the usable life of your pool, deck, or commercial space. Stone Edge Surfaces offers multiple overlay products that can be applied in various thicknesses to keep your concrete spaces looking brand new. 

Does Overlay Thickness Impact Durability?

While not all concrete overlays are created equal. Some overlays need to be applied thicker to perform properly. Applying a coating at the proper thickness will allow it to withstand weight from cars, equipment, and foot traffic without cracking or breaking.

The purpose of an overlay is to help the concrete last longer and be more resistant to wear and tear. Overlays that are properly bonded can resist high amounts of foot traffic and weather wear, no matter the thickness.

Different Thickness Options

Depending on the project, thin, medium, or thick overlays can be used to protect the concrete substrate. The overlay thickness can change the durability, but adding any overlay will help better protect a concrete area.

Thin overlays are typically used to repair minor imperfections. They are applied at a ⅛” or ¼” thickness because they are typically only applied for aesthetic appeal. Thin overlays can be used on garage floors, basement floors, patio decks, or pool surrounds. 

Medium overlays can be anywhere from ¼” to 1” thick. These slightly thicker overlays are used for resurfacing or where more substantial repair may be required. Medium-thickness overlays still provided higher protection for the concrete while keeping the floor sleek and slim. 

Thick overlays can range from 1 inch thick to multiple inches thick. Thick overlays are used for significant repairs, structural enhancements, and placing a new surface over an old one. The thicker the coating, the more structural benefits they will provide. 

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Will Overlay Application Thickness Impact The Color?

The thickness of the overlay before application and after application can impact the color. Thicker overlays can have a more intense color compared to one that is thinner. The pigment is better distributed throughout when the overlay is thick. Thinner overlays can also show color differentiation because of application techniques and the environment during curing. 

Overlay Options From Stone Edge Surfaces

Stone Edge Surfaces offers many products that can be overlaid on your different surfaces. We have overlays for decks, pool surrounds, multi-story projects, brick, vertical concrete, and much more. All of our products can be found from multiple distributors around the world, so you can always find a location convenient to you. Stone Edge products are made to last. They won’t damage your substrate and help you to get more life out of a concrete space. Find a distributor near you today!

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