Professional Grade Concrete Overlays
Stone Edge Surfaces No-Spike Shoe-Ins


Stone Edge Surfaces Shoe-In Finishing Shoe (No Spike).

Stone Edge Surfaces No Spike Finishing Shoe-Ins disperses your weight more evenly on a fresh and firm (not hard) concrete surface that is ready to be carved.

They are designed with a soft rubber flat bottom to help eliminate heel and tread patterns that could damage your stamped areas.

They are also designed to disperse your weight more evenly when walking on the stamps themselves, so if you have a wetter mix, it helps to eliminate shoe impressions.

Built in shoe catcher helps hold any size shoe or boot in place so one size will fit all, with no straps, laces or buckles needed.


Consistent Walking on stamps to stamp concrete. Walking on hard but not dry concrete overlay mix to hand carve it.


Stone Edge Surfaces No-Spike Shoe-Ins
Stone Edge Surfaces No-Spike Shoe-Ins
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