It’s Official…Some Little Girls Do Like to Play in the Mud (concrete)!

It's Official...Some Little Girls Do Like to Play in the Mud (concrete)!

Especially when their daddy is one of the best-known concrete and decorative concrete contractors in Indiana!

John Bell, of JBC Concrete, loves the concrete business and believes you are never too young to get started in the business. Jon himself has been in the concrete business since he was a young boy when he first started working general construction with his dad.

Jon worked for his dad for several years, but when he was 15 and still in junior high school, he decided to start his own concrete company.

Although he was young and couldn’t even drive yet, Jon had a great reputation as a good cement finisher, hard worker and smart business person, and was able to build his company through referrals from friends, neighbors and those who knew him around town.

The challenge of being young, going to school all day and not being able to drive didn’t bother Jon or his customers in the slightest. Jon would simply schedule all his bids and jobs for after school and on the weekends, and he came up with an ingenious way to get to his job sites.

I’ve been told that there are still tales told around his home town of how Jon would order concrete for his jobs, and because the concrete truck drivers knew they couldn’t pour early with john because he was in Math Class, they waited until 3pm when he got out of school, so they could swing by and pick him up on their way to his job sites.

Concrete floor overlay
 YMCA Gymnasiumu2026Complete Concrete Overlay Floor
Concrete Overlay

Jon and JBC Concrete have come a long way since those early days and have been written about in Concrete Homes magazine as well as have countless noteworthy projects they have created.

Jon’s kids are following in his footsteps and getting involved in concrete at a young age, and although some little girls may be just like the old nursery rhyme that says little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

I know there are lots of little girls out there, like Jon’s daughter, that like to play in the mud and have a few extra ingredients…possibly “Concrete”…mixed in their DNA as well!

If you live in Indiana and need concrete work or decorative concrete work done…and want the guy who has been written up in Concrete Home magazine and has the little girl who plays in the mud…look up JBC Concrete and give them a call.

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