Deck Waterproofing
Ohio has always had a very high population, and is one of the most densely populated areas in the nation. The state consists of primarily residential homes and buildings in the outskirts of the major cities, with mostly commercial buildings and apartments within the major cities. Many residents in this area enjoy outdoor living and have wood decks as part of their homes.

Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

One of the many products that can be found at Stone Edge Surfaces is the waterproofing deck systems. We also have waterproofing materials and products to help make the job easier. No matter if the surface is wood, composite, or concrete we have the materials for the task. Each of our systems and products have instructions for use as well as dry time, amount of coats needed, and what other products can be used with them to give you the best deck possible. 


While waterproofing a deck cannot simply repair damaged decks, it can prevent the damage before it occurs. With the heavy snowfall in Ohio, the wooden boards can become warped or even cave-in by the weight of the snow. This can present structural issues amongst the deck and may result in the need of a replacement; deck waterproofing will stop this from happening. The extra coating will add strength to the boards along the ceiling and the floor of the deck and make sure it holds up against the snow no matter the weight. Deck waterproofing can also help the concrete withstand the freezing temperatures and thick layers of ice and not crack as it’s known to do. 

Why Choose Stone Edge Deck Waterproofing Systems

Our team understands the enjoyment of outdoor living, and we also understand the frustration that comes with extreme weather and owning decks. We have industry-proven waterproofing products and methods and are dedicated to helping all homeowners make their deck be and look its best.

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