Concrete Resurfacing Vs. Concrete Overlays

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While concrete is a durable material, it won’t stay brand new forever. Concrete resurfacing and concrete overlays are two services that can help transform the look and strength of concrete areas. Stone Edge Surfaces wants to help you in the application of concrete and improve your outdoor and indoor spaces. 

In this blog, we will look at the differences and similarities between resurfacing and overlays. Below is a breakdown of cost, design ideas, and how these services improve your concrete overall. 

The Truth Behind Concrete Resurfacing

You can look at concrete resurfacing as a restoration service for all types of concrete slabs. Resurfacing can help make the concrete safer to walk on, look less faded, and prevent future damage. 

This process can be done on residential or commercial floors that have been cracked or damaged. When done properly, resurfacing will revitalize the concrete and provide better durability. 

Many people choose to invest in resurfacing because it is cheaper and less time-consuming than full replacement. Demolition and the removal of old concrete is a significant project, whereas resurfacing can be completed quickly. Resurfacing also gives you the freedom and money to add designs or color to your concrete.

The Hype Around Concrete Overlays

Overlays come in many different types including, polymer-modified overlays, stamped overlays, self-leveling overlays, stencils, and micro toppings. Just like resurfacing, overlays can be used for interior and exterior spaces to add aesthetic appeal. 

Overlays help to bring more durability to concrete and give them a better life. Some of these overlays can help even out the concrete and make it safer for everyone. 

Concrete resurfacing and overlays help reduce concrete waste and the need for disposal. If you are looking for sustainable options, working with a company like Stone Edge Surfaces will give you an appealing home with an eco-friendly return. 

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Concrete resurfacing and overlays

The Cost Of Resurfacing And Overlays

Depending on the square footage of your space, the cost will vary. The type of surfacing will also affect the price. For resurfacing with micro toppings and repairs, the price can vary from $4 to $10 per square foot. 

More decorative overlays or ones with intricate stencils can vary from $5 to $20 per square foot. Each company will have different estimates and pricing for their services. Many factors like space, current damage, what company you work with, and what your budget is.

When Is Resurfacing No Longer Possible?

Minor damage in concrete surfaces is easy to repair and resurface. If your surface can not be bonded to or has moisture issues, an overlay will not adhere properly. If the overlay or resurfacing process goes wrong, you will have to pay again to fix it. If concrete is severely cracked, uneven, or has oil stains, resurfacing will not be a good option.

Resurfacing is not the end-all for concrete damages. It can help the appearance of cracks and dents but large damages or severely uneven surfaces will not benefit from any type of overlay. 

What Surfaces Can These Services Be Applied To?

Curious if your home or business can benefit from a concrete overlay or resurfacing? There are many spaces that an overlay can be applied to. Different types of concrete that can be improved include:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Garage Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Parks
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Venues

Services From Stone Edge Surfaces

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Stone Edge Surfaces offers multiple concrete services to help make your home stand out. Not only do our concrete overlays offer better aesthetics but they improve the structural integrity of your spaces. Consult with our professionals to ensure that your home can truly benefit from our concrete services. Check out our current products and our gallery on our website today!

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