Professional Grade Concrete Overlays
Eibenstock Concrete Mixer


Stone Edge Surfaces The Stone Edge Surfaces Unitec Eibenstock Professional Concrete Overlay Handheld Mixer has powerful features that
make these mixers the Best concrete overlay mixers for the Construction Industry.

It’s time to get the right tool for the job and get away from inconsistent batch mixing and wearing yourself, your crews, and your equipment out by using a handheld drill to mix single to multi-batches of concrete and concrete overlay mixes.

The Stone Edge Surfaces heavy-duty Eibenstock mixer is “built” to last and can easily handle the mixing of single and multi-batch concrete overlay mixes. The Eibenstock concrete mixer Features a Soft Start and Variable Speed switch for less
splashing and better control.

The High-torque Motor has specially designed gears to provide maximum power and torque wile mixing batches from 1 gallon to 290 pounds of mix. This mixer is perfect for mixing concrete and can also handle aggregate and other materials that handheld drills are simply not designed to handle.

Our Eibenstock Mixers come with a Helical Paddle that is designed for more consistent material mixing and mix from the bottom up to eliminate injection of air for an optimum blend.


Consistent Mixing of single and multiple batches of concrete overlay mixes


Stone Edge Surfaces Concrete Mixer
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