What You Need To Know About Waterproof Decking For Commercial Applications

If you have a commercial property, you care about making it the best it can be for your clients, customers, or tenants. One way you can do that is through waterproof decking. Many commercial spaces have decks, and you want to make them as safe and attractive as possible. Here are some things you should know about waterproof decking for commercial applications.

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Different Kinds Of Waterproof Decking

If you are wondering if waterproof decking is an option for your business, you may also ask if the kind of surface you want waterproofed matters. Luckily, waterproof decking can be done on several different types of surfaces. 


If your commercial space has wood surfaces, there’s a system for that. It’s most commonly used for plywood, but that doesn’t mean it’s restricted to it.


There are also waterproof decking systems for concrete. Depending on the needs of your project, a professional can tell you which is right for your business.

Stand Alone

Deck seals can be used for either wood or concrete, and can stand up to foot traffic, furniture wear and tear, and more.

Whether you have a hotel or a condo or another kind of business, you can see if commercial waterproof decking is right for you. Now that you know what kind of surfaces it can be applied on, you should know what it can provide for your business.

Benefits Of Waterproof Decking

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Waterproof decking has many benefits for your business. When considering it, here are some things you should know about what it can do for you.


Waterproof decking protects your deck from spills that may otherwise stain or damage it. It also serves as a barrier between your deck and the elements, reducing weather damage that could result from rain, snow, or any number of other things nature might throw at it.  


Because waterproofing your deck reduces risk of damages, it also helps it be a safer surface to walk on. By taking that step against slippery surfaces or structural damage, you help keep people safe by preventing potential slips and falls. 


Since waterproofing your deck makes it more durable, it also increases the lifespan of it.                A deck that’s more resilient to damages lasts longer. 

Reduced Maintenance 

Another factor increased durability brings with it is decreased maintenance costs. A deck that holds up to the weather and that is less like to suffer damages is one that needs less maintenance than a deck without waterproofing that could end up needing extensive repairs, especially if not maintained properly.

Aesthetic Appeal

Deck waterproofing also makes your space look more pleasing to the eye. A rough and worn deck simply does not look as nice as one that has been waterproofed.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with deck waterproofing, and these aren’t even all of them. From practical reasons to aesthetic reasons, there’s a plethora of things deck waterproofing can do for you and your business. 

How Long Does Waterproof Decking Take?

As with any job you have done, you want a rough estimate of how long you can expect it to take. With waterproof decking, it depends. Stone Edge Surfaces estimates that it will take anywhere from 15-45 minutes per coat for our wood and concrete deck waterproofing systems. For our deck seal systems, you can expect to wait about 1-2 hours for a coat to be dry to the touch. You can reapply another coat in a minimum of 12 hours, but you should wait 24-48 hours for areas with a lot of foot traffic and 72 for areas with furniture. Deck seals take about 5-7 days to complete.

Do You Need Waterproof Decking?

Now that you know more about waterproof decking, you can decide if you want to have it done for your commercial space. If you do, you can call a professional to learn more about your options and what the process will look like for you. 

Here at Stone Edge Surfaces, we’re passionate about providing exceptional waterproof decking services to all of our clients and customers. We offer wood, concrete, and stand alone waterproof decking systems and products. If you would like more information about waterproof decking or if you have any questions about any of our other services, please feel free to contact us at Stone Edge Surfaces today. We are always here to help with any surfacing jobs you need to have done. 

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