Can We Use Concrete Overlays On Hurricane Damaged Concrete and Brick?

I received a call from Christi in Houston after Hurricane Harvey regarding her daughters house, the damage it had suffered, that they did not have flood insurance, and if overlays were an economical way for them to do repairs themselves.

She didn’t know where else to go as all contractors were booked solid, the insurance company was no help because they had no flood insurance because prior to the flood…they were not in a flood zone. They realized that any repairs they did, would have to come from their own resources and with their own labor.

Horrible situation to be in, especially when your house isn’t in a flood zone…except for every 100 to 500 years!

Christ’s question was…can we (and by we she was asking if “she” and her family) could use a concrete overlay on her daughters damaged brick fireplace.

The answer is yes…as long as it is structurally sound, there are no loose bricks and you scrape any loose or damaged sections to get rid of any debris, oils, or anything that would cause concrete not to stick to the surface. We can do a lot with our Primer 100, Primer 110 and Pro Bond to cover a substrate and help the overlay mix chemically and physically bond to a brick or concrete surface…but primers and overlays are only as strong as the surface they are applied too.

So, if the surface is dirty, loose or has flaky residue, debris, etc…it will need to be throughout cleaned and the debris and loose material removed to give the new overlay a chance to grab on.

Hurricane Harvey Picture of Fireplace after flood

You should have some skill or have worked with plaster, stucco, concrete, mortar, epoxy, or other do-it-yourself type construction or maintenance projects so you are not nervous going into a project like this…because, if you do not understand the “working time” of these types of overlay materials…the project can get away from you. Stone Edge Surfaces products are very forgiving with lots of working time, so for contractors and DIY’ers…it is almost the perfect product!

It turns out Christi was pretty handy, had done some basic concrete projects before, had her own business where she used hand tools and had no fear of getting her hands dirty. She had also been watching our training videos on our Stone Edge Surfaces YouTube Channel and felt with her past experience and her newfound skill from watching our excellent videos…she would have no problem revamping her daughters fireplace.

Can We Use Concrete Overlays On Hurricane Damaged Concrete and Brick?Colored stamped concrete

I Received these pictures and this note from Christi after she completed the project:

“I didn’t forget about you and my promise to take pictures. First let me say, I was extremely pleased with all of your products. It did everything you said it would, and your online videos were very clear and helpful. It was very easy to use, and I really enjoyed doing it. My daughter and son-in law are very happy with the result. They felt like the fireplace was an awful dark corner in the room, and now they feel like it is an attraction that is inviting and matches their personality.

Although, hurricane “Harvey” was an awful thing for homeowners; many of which were not required to have flood insurance due to it NEVER flooding in their neighborhood. Without being forced to remodel using alternative products that don’t require full construction, I don’t know if they would have ever considered such a project. We are sure glad we did it, and Thank you for all your help and your distributor in Dallas.  I think Stone Edge Surfaces is a wonder product.”

I love being able to help in situations like this…it is very rewarding for the heart and soul…and it proves what I’ve been saying for years; Stone Edge Surfaces products are easy to use, easy to learn, and create fantastic results.

Let us know if we can help you with any of your projects or if you are a contractor looking for alternative materials. Contact us on the form below with any questions or needs you may have…we are always happy to help.

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