Thinking Outside The Box…Creating Rocks Inside The Box

As the colder winter months approach, it’s time to start looking at interior jobs. The possibilities are endless when using Stone Edge Surfaces products on the interior of structures, businesses, and homes, to create some of the most beautiful depictions of stones, and to simply update the aesthetic of any interior surface area!

For example, this home already had a modern fireplace and recessed wall unit…but with some imagination and Stone Edge Surfaces wall mix…you now have an incredible Modern-Rustic look that has changed the feel and become the highlight of the entire room.

This is a perfect example of strategically placing Stone Edge Surfaces created stone looks…and not covering the entire wall. Taking it a step further…you can even frame the project and add lights or even mood lights!

If you use our products you already know how easy it is to use our Stamp, Trowel and MicroTop Mixes on concrete interior floors or over wood interior floors…if you didn’t know you could go over wood floors, now you do! Yet many don’t realize how easy it is to turn any interior vertical surface into incredible stone or other faux surfaces by using our Wall Mix. In fact, Stone Edge Surfaces Wall mix can stick to drywall, stucco, brick, paint, cement board, concrete, laminate, wood Styrofoam, and more.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say (if he was a concrete contractor); “Trust the Mix Luke”

Well…maybe that is stretching it a bit, but if you will just trust the years we’ve put into perfecting the Stamping Process, Our Stamps and Our Wall Mix…especially with dry stacks, field stones, and varying texture skins, you can create fantastic looks your customers will love!

The Wall Luke made in this picture, is Stone Edge Surfaces Wall Mix and Southern Ledgestone Stamp set. 

Our Stamps and Mixes are easy to use and allow you to efficiently and quickly mimic the look of real stone onto many different areas not normally looked upon for this process. Let’s take hand carved vertical concrete out of the equation for the moment and…if you will think outside the box…look at how easy and quickly you can turn a simple bland wall into a Stone depicted or textured surface.

Follow our simple steps:

  1. Quickly applying a Primer or Pro Bond Coat
  2. Put up a Scratch Coat…unless you are just doing a thin brick or thin smooth or textured coat…If putting up a thicker overlay for stamping…let the scratch coat dry.
  3. Next…trowel, shoot, or hand bomb (throw) some Stone Edge Surfaces wall mix on the wall over the scratch coat and smooth or texture stamp for effect.

If you will be stamping…follow our simple three step application process for the final coat to be stamped…Anchor Layer…Full layer…Smooth to be stamped. Anyone can quickly use one of the Stone Edge Surfaces Stamps to press quickly into the mix to capture all the texture represented from the stamp sets or skins. Note…lightly apply the wall mix…don’t over trowel or push the stamping layer into the anchor layer! If you do push too hard and take all the “fluffiness” out of the mix, you may “densify” the mix making it difficult to push a stamp into it and missing some of the texture of the stamp.

Now that I’ve talked about the application process lets truly think of areas where you may be able to update interior finishes that will not only increase the value of the property, but also give a very pleasing appeal to the eye as well.

Think about doing something different like a backsplash for a kitchen or even some “Rock Art”.

Or think about how cool it might be just to update one wall or all walls within a child’s bedroom, family, living or master bedroom to add that special ambiance. Maybe you just do the area below or above the wainscoting to create just texture, which really adds to a room, or maybe the underbelly of a bar top reaching to the shoe molding with a nice Stone Edge Surfaces Dry Stack, of Field Stone Stamp set.

Some people may love to have Stone depicted or Texture stamped within a gable area of a wall reaching to the ceiling which really adds to a room’s atmosphere. We all love having a Stone or Textured Fireplace by quickly replacing and updating older wood or brick looks with a fresh Stone finish with the ease of simply stamping the surface with Stone Edge Surfaces Stamps while eliminating the need for restructuring, in most cases, like you would have to do with other stone finishes. This goes for most Stone Edge Surfaces interior application where simply applying a quick lath, primer, scratch, and then final coat of Stone Edge Surfaces is all that is needed to turn an old drab looking surfaces into a stone masterpiece.

What about the surface area surrounding an archway, or maybe even updating an alcove within a wall or how about Interior columns which may have the need for updating or accenting? Maybe an accent wall surrounding a kitchen nook, or a created wainscoting in a dining area would look incredible as well.

Or…how about the modern look of simple straight edged flat gray or colored concrete, or actually adding a brick look.

Some have accents above cabinetry to the ceiling using stone texture.

There are also possibilities of creating a countertop within kitchens and bathrooms or maybe you want to accent the bathtub dropdown with some accent stone to give a rustic outdoor feel as well as the walls surrounding the tub as well.

With Stone Edge Surfaces products…almost anything is possible!

We cannot forget the Lady Lair, She Shed, His Hideaway, or Man Cave where you can turn walls quickly into a Pub to Chic type atmosphere by simply stamping areas within these rooms.

And DEFINITELY DO NOT FORGET about Commercial Applications!! There are so many commercial applications where Stone Edge Surfaces products are PERFECT and more affordable than almost anything else out there!

So please…as the heat rolls away and the winter comes to stay, remember to let the simple process of stamping Stone Edge Surfaces materials allow you to stay extremely busy and profitable while supplying your customers with some of the coolest finishes available!

Thank you for reading the blog and hope to see you back here soon!

Gregg Hensley

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