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We Interview Bruce Grogg

We caught up with the president of Stone Edge Surfaces, Bruce Grogg, for our September newsletter to find out what is exciting at Stone Edge Surfaces this year and what’s coming next.

september newsletter

“As many of you know, we are always trying to create new products and better our existing product lines. Although 2022 has been a great year for innovation, we’ve also had challenges due to global shortages of raw materials and general supply chain issues that are keeping ingredient prices at an all-time high.

“And then… out of all this craziness comes one of the best and most versatile products we’ve ever made… Pro Bond Ultra. What started as a polymer change to take Pro Bond from a hydrophobic mix to a non-hydrophobic mid ended up turning it into a ‘Super Mix’ with twice the capabilities of Pro Bond!

“After extensive testing, we knew we had something far more versatile than Pro Bond ever was, so we decided to give it its own name and SKU number and added Pro Bond Ultra into our product line.

“Gregg and I both believe that Pro Bond Ultra may replace 2 to 3 products you are using now, especially since it can be a base or top coat mix, take color, hold a broom finish, it dries to about 5,000 PSI, does NOT require a primer, can be sloped, pumped, and has incredible flexural strength so it can be used in our Deck Waterproofing system.

Commercial Concrete Roofing
Pro Bond being pumped.

“We are finding that the decorative market is loving Pro Bond Ultra as a base coat mix because it is a fantastic concrete repair product that has enough body to fill in all the spalled and chipped areas, can do deep fill up to 4 inches or more, and can even fill in big cracks. Add to this its ability to do crack bridging and be sloped from 3″ to 4″ down to an 1/8” or even further without cracking… is incredible.

“We are seeing a lot of people starting to use Pro Bond Ultra as a Trowel Mix and top coat or refurbish mix on driveways, patios, and sidewalks because it holds a broom finish and can be applied without a primer in one application. Also… it’s non-hydrophobic which means it can be colored easily and has a more receptive dried finish for adding other top coats, sealers, or topical colors.”

“Just as exciting as the many uses we are seeing in the decorative concrete side of our business for Pro Bond Ultra are the incredible commercial projects it’s being used on.” – Bruce Grogg

“Two commercial projects just used Pro Bond Ultra in completely different ways. The first was a multi-story apartment building where Pro Bond Ultra was applied on a 3,000 sqft garage roof where they ‘pumped’ the mix over 250 feet up 3 stories, and then ‘sloped’ it from 3″ at the edges down to 1/4″ at the drains. On this same project, they used Pro Bond Ultra to make the wheelchair ramp from the garage to the parking lot at about 4/5″ deep down to 1/8”. In both instances, Pro Bond Ultra worked perfectly.

“The second job is a five-story apartment building with 80 units per floor, with Pro Bond Ultra being poured over the sound mat in every bathroom. That’s Pro Bond Ultra being poured in 400 – 10’x’10’ bathrooms. Normally, they would have used a Self-Lever… but everyone they used had failed and they were out of time. We were asked to meet with the GC and the contractor to explain how the Pro Bond Ultra can be pumped and will almost self-level with minimal troweling… but… we knew it would not crack and fail like the 2 other self-levers they had used… which had cost them over two weeks time.

“We explained that at 1.5” thick, it would set slower than a self-leveler, but he could get the electricians and plumbers on it within 12 to 18 hours. The GC agreed to let them do 10 bathrooms and he would inspect the following day. The contractor pumped Pro Bond Ultra up 2 stories over 300 feet… and it worked perfectly!“- Bruce Grogg

“The next day, the GC walked the 10 bathroom floors… and gave the OK to do all 400 bathrooms.” – Bruce Grogg

New Product Releases For 2022/23

september newsletter

Product Spotlight

september newsletter
September Newsletter
September Newsletter
pool deck remodeling

The Stone Edge Surfaces Deck Seal Waterproofing Sealer is the top coat waterproofing layer of our Deck Waterproofing System, and can also be used as a stand-alone sealer for wood and concrete surfaces, such as: decks, patios, pool decks, balconies, and more.

It is tough and durable, able to protect your surfaces from mildew, UV rays, foot traffic, and more. When used on clean or unsealed concrete, wood, or other decks, it has exceptional adhesion qualities. It has low VOCs, so it is compliant in all states.

With 14 different colors to choose from, you can make your decks look just the way you want them to.

After applying Deck Seal, decks were found to be 10 degrees cooler than they were before the Deck Seal was applied.

pool deck remodeling
pool deck remodeling

Contractor Spotlight

Elliot Davis of Decorative Concrete Designs, Inc

Elliot founded Decorative Concrete Designs in 1999 with a focus on being a prime general contractor in building construction, civil construction, and design-build in the commercial and industrial industries.

DCD clients include: the General Services Administration (GSA), Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior, NAVFAC South East, Veterans Administration and Stennis Space Center, as well as the MS Development Authority, Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, and MS Bureau of Buildings.

DCD focuses on having the right team on the project, with emphasis on time, budget, and safety. As an industry leader, DCD Construction also focuses on building relationships through community service organizations.

DCD only specifies the best quality materials in their projects, which is why they’ve been a customer, and now a distributor, of Stone Edge Surfaces products for over 10 years.

Factory Training

Including A Factory Tour, Quarry Tour, Catered Lunch on Both Days, and a Certification Certificate.

When: October 6th and 7th.

Time: 8am-4pm.

Where: Stone Edge Surfaces MS Factory. 1205 Palestine Rd, Picayune, MS 39466

RSVP: 844-786-6333 or

Fee: Free.

Training will include: Stamp Mix, Polishset Self-Leveler, Pro Bond Ultra, Wall Mix, Swiftset, Concrete Patch & Repair, and more!

If you have questions, need more information, want to become a distributor, or need to place an order, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Deck Waterproofing systems
Deck Waterproofing Systems
deck waterproofing
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