Stone Edge Surfaces MicroTop Mix is a super-fine, “no” sand, heavy polymer, cement and proprietary additive, just add water concrete overlay microtopping mix with two main applications.

MicroTop is applied as a micro-thin concrete resurfacer over almost any concrete, concrete overlay, or stone veneer surface.

MicroTop is designed to go on micro-thin and “mimic the texture of the already stamped or textured concrete or concrete overlay surface and bring the color back to gray or white so the project or item can be recolored. or to just resurface the driveway, patio or walkway and bring it back to a nice concrete gray or white.

MicroTop can also be mixed a little thicker and used as a base or slurry coat for overlays and stenciling as well as tape down applications.

MicroTop is used as a top coat overlay from feather thin to 1/8” deep for a smooth beautiful finish. With all of its varied uses, MicroTop could be the finest microtopping on the market.


  • Resurfacing Driveways, Patios, Pool Decks, Walkways.

  • As a smooth Underlayment for other overlays.

  • As the Top Coat for stencil or tape down applications

  • On Interior Floors and Basement floors

  • Micro-Thin overlay to bring substrate color back to white or gray so it can be recolored


BASE/TOP COAT: Base & Top Coat

THICKNESS: Feathered Thin to 1/8”

APPLICATION METHOD: Spray, Roller, Magic Trowel, Trowel, Squeegee

WORKING TIME: 15 minutes to 1 hour based on thickness


  • Liquid colors

  • Stains

  • ColorPax Pigments

  • Spray, Stamp, Trowel, Wall Mixes


  • Existing Stable Substrate

  • Concrete Overlays

  • Concrete

  • Stone Veneer


Slurry/Smooth Coat – (125-145 sqft)


BEFORE: MicroTop used to bring color back to gray without changing the texture so stones can be recolored.
AFTER: Ready for recoloring
1/8" thick floor overlay hand etched and topically colored
Applying the Tape for a Tape Down Floor.
Spray Mix has been applied over the Tape and the surface has been colored
Tape has been pulled revealing the dark mix underneath which looks like grout lines
Final Seal applied creating a wood plank look
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